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Benefits of Offshoring: Maximising your Business Growth

Are you working ‘in’ or ‘on’ the business?

Research shows that an average full-time worker spends up to 12.5% of their average workday on unnecessary meetings and low-impact activities that hold no meaningful communication or impact on the business. This imbalance in operational tasks can leave little time for cultivating and enhancing strategic aspects necessary to drive business growth.

The secret to unlocking greater capacity is recognising where you allocate your time and taking steps to make better use of the opportunities available. Among the numerous options businesses can leverage for significant growth, one strategic approach stands out – offshore outsourcing.

Offshore outsourcing companies like Staff Domain help you find highly qualified professionals for your team. We meticulously screen and vet our workforce to ensure that they are the right fit for your business. At Staff Domain, we also offer end-to-end service for our clients. We manage all compliance, HR, and payroll processing so you can work seamlessly.

If you are still unsure or feel like you need more preparations before taking another step for your company, here are three simple steps that can help better recognise propositions you can use for your business.

1 Outline how you would like to spend your time

It is important to create a plan of action that outlines how you would like to spend your operational hours. To begin, determine what tasks need to be done to reach your business goals. This could include developing marketing strategies, using the benefits of offshoring, researching potential investments and partners, planning and implementing resources, or creating content. Set clear and realistic objectives around these tasks and prioritise the ones critical for you to complete.

2 Conduct a time audit 

Note where your and your team’s time is going daily. Online time-tracking tools like Harvest and Toggl can help you easily track and analyse your time allocation. Conducting a time audit provides an accurate understanding of how your working hours are spent compared to your ideal time allocation.

3 Learn to delegate  or outsource 

Your time audit will likely reveal how much of your day goes towards simple but important operational tasks such as emails, dealing with customer inquiries, or invoicing. Thanks to the benefits of offshoring, you get to delegate tasks and allow yourself to share the work with others, freeing up valuable time for more important activities such as strategising or improving operations.

However, in many businesses, staff are already spread thin, and the cost of hiring more support locally is out of the question. Building global teams has emerged as a strategic way for businesses to grow one’s capacity. You could find highly qualified professionals internationally who can take on the roles and provide your business with a cost-efficient and high-quality service. 


5 roles that can be filled with offshore staffing

With a notable contribution to the economy each year, the Philippine BPO industry, together with South Africa as an outsourcing hub, has proven their importance to  economic growth. Both countries greatly contribute to the global BPO industry. With this being said, it is a smart move to outsource to the Philippines or South Africa for your staffing needs.

Here are five roles that you can outsource:

Virtual Admin Assistant

Virtual assistants are the ultimate all-rounders. These versatile professionals provide businesses with administrative, technical, and creative services. They can handle a wide range of tasks dependent on a company’s needs, ranging from managing calendar appointments to customer service, research, and more.

Offshore Executive Assistant

An executive assistant is the secret to managing your workload and ensuring that administrative duties such as calls, emails, and other day-to-day tasks are ticked off. Outsourced executive assistants are highly organised and efficient, allowing businesses to focus on strategic initiatives that drive business growth.

Customer Service Representative

Investing in customer service resources can help ensure your customers are always happy and engaged with your business. With a strong command of the English language and excellent communication skills, customer service representatives excel in delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Outsourced Accountant

Outsourced accountants are known for their expertise in financial management, bookkeeping, and tax compliance. Investing in an outsourced accountant can be a great way to minimise time spent handling your financial needs, leaving you more time to concentrate on other vital areas of your business. It is also a great solution if numbers are not your strongest suit as they can help fill this skills gap.

Offshore Digital Marketing

The Philippines and South Africa house a highly skilled workforce in digital marketing, including professionals proficient in SEO, content marketing, and social media management. Hiring a qualified marketing professional from the Philippines can help you craft effective campaigns, create engaging content, drive more traffic to your website, monitor trends, and increase sales — all without taking you away from your own time, or requiring you to learn a new skill set.


Offshoring For Business Growth

Building global teams is a strategic approach that businesses can leverage to improve operations and reach new
markets easily. Leveraging offshoring services brings numerous benefits that boost business growth through high-quality services.

When outsourcing, look for leading offshore outsourcing companies that source experts with years of international
Providers like Staff Domain can help you find offshore professionals in your local market.


Staff Domain‘s offshore outsourcing solutions connect your business to a highly experienced global talent pool for game-changing results. Effortlessly manage your offshore workforce with our comprehensive compliance, payroll, and HR support, and benefit from fixed, transparent pricing in your local currency. Contact us today or schedule a meeting with our sales team to quickly source the right offshore team for your business.



How can chatbots maintain a personalised customer experience?

Offshore outsourcing brings several key benefits to businesses such as access to specialised expertise, cost-effective operational efficiency, global market reach, round-the-clock operations, and work flexibility. By leveraging offshoring services, enterprises can optimise their operations through resources needed to succeed in a complex and dynamic market.

What factors should businesses consider when deciding to offshore their operations?

When offshoring services, businesses should consider various factors such as cultural compatibility, language proficiency, infrastructure and technology capabilities, regulatory environment, budgetary constraints, and risk management strategies to ensure successful implementation and maximise the benefits of offshoring for business growth.

How can businesses ensure successful offshoring initiatives? 

Businesses can guarantee successful offshoring initiatives by meticulous research and careful planning. Clear communication channels should also be established, partnered with continuous evaluation and optimisation.

Are there any regulatory or legal considerations businesses need to be aware of when offshoring? 

Yes. Enterprises must know all regulatory requirements and legal considerations related to offshoring. These include labour laws, intellectual property rights, data privacy regulations, and tax implications. Enterprises should work with legal experts to ensure full compliance in the home country and offshore locations. 

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