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Build your own Offshore Digital Marketing Team

Boost online presence and drive lead generation with a full time, dedicated offshore digital marketing professional


Digital marketing continues to grow at lightning speed for marketing agencies, internal marketing departments, and small to medium businesses. Today’s consumers rely on the internet for finding, researching, and purchasing products and services. Your own team of offshore digital marketing professionals can help you implement effective digital strategies quickly and effectively, helping drive traffic and revenue in a consistent manner.

Tap into the global talent pool for digital marketers and gain a competitive advantage in the online marketplace. Find digital marketing all-rounders with a diverse range of skills in SEO, SEM, email marketing, social media management and more. They will have a strong understanding of leading industry technologies such as Google analytics, advertising platforms and email marketing tools. As well of years and experience and excellent English-speaking skills, making them easy to work with.

Whether you’re looking for specific expertise, or someone with a strong mix of digital marketing skills – Staff Domain can help. Our team will work closely with you to develop a custom recruitment strategy before sourcing and qualifying your dream candidates. Once you’ve selected the right fit, get to work, and leave engagement, retention and logistics to us.

Staff will work from one of our world-class offices. We’ll manage all onboarding, compliance, HR, and payroll processing. As well drive tenure through professional development initiatives, great employee benefits and fun social activities.

Why hire an offshore digital marketing professional?

Hire multiple roles - for the price of one
Fill skills gaps in your business
Support your clients 24/7
Overcome hiring challenges

Hire multiple roles – for the price of one

Digital marketing outsourcing is a smart place to put your marketing budget. You can hire a digital marketer and a graphic designer – effectively for the price of one local digital marketing hybrid. For a marketing agency looking to scale quickly digital marketing specialists offer an effective way to increase your online presence and generate leads.

Fill skills gaps in your business

If marketing isn’t your core business, why spend your own precious time on it? Digital marketing professionals can help fill skill gaps in your business, by offering skills in specialised areas such as content, social media, SEO and more!

Support your clients 24/7

Offshore digital marketers in South Africa or the Philippines work across different time zones. With this advantage, you can find staff that work your own hours, or staff to operate after hours. This can be especially valuable for businesses with clients in different parts of the world, or those looking to maximise efficiencies. Get ads running, and campaigns developed in your sleep.

Overcome hiring challenges

Forget struggling through local skills shortages, shuffling through freelancers, or paying high costs for great talent. The Philippines and South Africa offer a massive talent pool of highly qualified, educated, brilliant digital marketers. Find staff with years of experience working with global businesses, and exceptional English-speaking skills. And as a bonus, you can save up to 60-70% on salary costs!

What tasks can I outsource to system administration staff?


  • Identify high performing keywords, optimise content, and boost your website’s visibility in search results.

Social media management

  • Leave it to a digital marketer to hand your accounts, create content, schedule posts, and monitor community engagement.

Paid Advertising

  • Run engaging campaigns across google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and more to support lead generating and conversion.

Email Marketing

  • Develop email marketing campaigns with high open rates and impressive click through rates that ultimately drive revenue.

Why Staff Domain?

We make business growth seamless.

Build your dream team with custom requirement.

Onboard staff effortlessly with our research-backed process.

Boost productivity by using our state-of-the-art facilities.

Drive staff tenure with fun social events and great benefits.

Manage staff stress free with 100% compliance, payroll, and HR support.

Rest easy with fixed, transparent pricing – and no hidden fees.