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Grow your business with an outsourced accountant - offshore

International markets are home to millions of qualified accountants. An experienced outsourced accountant will effectively manage the financial information of your business or clients.

Finances are the bottom line for any business and many, including accounting firms, are looking for cost-effective ways to streamline their financial operations and remain competitive. An outsourced accountant can help you manage your finances and skyrocket your firm’s growth.

Accountants play a critical role in managing and organizing financial information. They are responsible for tracking revenue, expenses, taxes, and other financial data. Accountants also provide valuable insights into financial health, and help businesses identify areas for improvement and growth. These critical areas and more, can be managed by your offshore accountant.

Whether you need a general accountant, or a more specialised trust, tax, or forensic accountant – Staff Domain can help. We’ll build a custom recruitment strategy to help you find your new full-time team member. We can help you find talent with global experience, CPA accreditation, tax knowledge, XERO or MYOB skills, and more. All candidates are vigorously screened by us, and hand selected in partnership with you.

As an end-to-end solution provider, we will also cover the ongoing engagement and retention of your staff. They will work out of world-class offices with leading technology and fun recreational spaces. And be embraced into our unrivalled culture with leading employment benefits, awards and recognition, and regular social events. We also cover all management of HR, compliance, and payroll processing so you don’t have to!

Why hire an outsourced accountant?

Solve talent challenges
Boost efficiencies
Expand capacity
Cost savings

Overcome local talent shortages

It’s olds news that there’s a shortage in skilled accountants. There are currently thousands of vacant jobs in the accounting industry, and little to no qualified professionals to fill them. Offshore outsourcing allows you to tap into a global talent pool and find experienced, highly qualified accountants to solve hiring challenges. South Africa and the Philippines are two countries that are emerging as popular offshore accounting destinations, offering a range of skilled professionals to businesses seeking to improve their financial management. 


Stay ahead in busy periods

End of financial year stress? Tax time have you overloaded? Don’t let busy financial periods get the best of you. With an offshore accountant on your time, you’ll have the resources you need to streamline efficiencies. And ultimately, improve your levels of service to clients.  


Make more room for business-critical work

If you’re stuck in the books with little or no time to build relationships, provide more complex services, or put efforts into advisory – it’s time to consider your options. With an offshore accountant on your team, offload time consuming tasks like tax preparation or budgeting, and find more time for other business critical work.  


Save on employment costs big time

The benefits are in the numbers. Offshore outsourcing gives businesses the opportunity to save on employment costs significantly. By hiring in countries like South Africa or the Philippines, you can save up to 60-70% on salary costs. These cost savings can then be reinvested into other areas to support your growth, such as marketing or sales.  


What types of tasks can the outsourced accountant take on?

Financial analysis

  • An offshore accountant can conduct financial analysis to help you, or your clients identify areas where you can cut costs, increase profits, and make informed decisions based on the data.

Budgeting and forecasting

  • Create accurate budgets and forecasts, providing a clear understanding of your business’s financial position and enabling you to plan for future growth and expansion.

Inventory management

  • Manage inventory, ensuring that your stock levels are optimized, minimizing the risk of stockouts and overstocking, and improving your cash flow.

Tax preparation

  • An accountant can help you prepare and file your business tax returns, ensure that you comply with all tax laws and regulations, and help you take advantage of all tax deductions and credits.

Why Staff Domain?

We make business growth seamless.

Build your dream team with custom requirement.

Onboard staff effortlessly with our research-backed process.

Boost productivity by using our state-of-the-art facilities.

Drive staff tenure with fun social events and great benefits.

Manage staff stress free with 100% compliance, payroll, and HR support.

Rest easy with fixed, transparent pricing – and no hidden fees.