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How to outsource work overseas: 5 tips for success, from our clients

Wondering how to outsource work overseas successfully? Getting offshore outsourcing to work, takes work.

While you may be sending work overseas, it’s important to remember that your offshore staff are part of your team. And so, require the same attention and energy you would give to staff locally.

If you’re with the right offshore outsourcing partner, most of the operational and managerial heavy lifting should be sorted. However, you must invest time and effort through the process to succeed. Whether that’s in recruitment, onboarding, or your day-to-day working relationship with your staff.

Here are 5 tips on how to outsource work overseas successfully – from our clients.

1. Get involved in the recruitment process
2. Don’t underestimate the power of good communication
3. Make your staff feel part of your team
4. Invest and processes and training
5. Take the time to select the right offshore outsourcing partner

Let’s get into the detail.

1. Get involved in the recruitment process

There are many modes of offshore outsourcing. A common approach is casual or part-time offshore outsourcing. Under this model, the client typically has little to no say on the staff member working on their project, and they’re likely to be working with other organisations too. This approach may work for businesses that require less regular support. However, when your business is growing, and with it the workload, hiring full-time offshore staff may be a more practical and effective option. Providers like Staff Domain, offer full-time staff, who are solely dedicated to your business and 100% on your team.

When going down the full-time route, it’s critical to get involved in the recruitment process. It’s important to remember you’re hiring a new team member – just offshore. They’ll be working with your onshore team, and potentially even clients, so you need to be certain they can integrate with your team and company culture seamlessly.

Cox Purtell jumped right into the hiring process to ensure they found the right candidates. They came to Staff Domain with a clear brief that spanned experience, location, skillset, and cultural fit. We conducted the initial sourcing and qualifying to meet this, but it was Cox Purtell’s hands-on approach that ensured they found 3 new valuable team members that fit right in.

“We interviewed almost every candidate Staff Domain provided to us. We’re big believers in getting to know someone beyond a piece of paper. The successful candidates went through 3 stages of interviews with different members of our teams to ensure we found the right fit.” And since? “Our offshore team have added value to our clients and candidate base. They are consistently hitting their targets and bringing some great candidates through!”
Lizzie Ritchie
Associate Director, Cox Purtell

Learn more about Cox Purtells’s experience here:

2. Don’t underestimate the power of good communication

Communication is business critical. However, the reality is that only 32% of people rate their company’s communication as excellent, shocking right?

Leading full-service Marketing Agency Chasing Albert, are one business that were working from home even before the pandemic made it normal! With remote communication and collaboration their bread and butter, they had the processes and skillset to introduce an offshore staff member – seamlessly. Their advice? Leverage communication technology, and prioritise open, regular, conversation.

“We’ve been working from home for many years and know how critical communication is for a remote team – whether it’s global or local. We ensure we have a streamlined channel of communication through using tools like Microsoft Teams and Planner. We also have regular online face-to-face meetings to keep across our staff’s workload, ensure they have an opportunity to ask questions, and even just to catch-up socially.”
Marie El Daghl
Managing Director, Chasing Albert

For more insight into communication with offshore staff – check out our blog here: What will communication be like with my offshore staff be like?

3. Make your staff feel part of your team

Disengaged employees are costing businesses around the world a massive $7.8 trillion in lost productivity. Prioritising culture, wellbeing and engagement is more important than ever, whether your staff is local or offshore.

For Executive Search Firm, ParkerBeth, making their staff feel part of their team has been critical to their success. And the proof is in the results – their offshore recruiter helped them filled 2 roles within just 45 days!

“One of the things that makes offshore outsourcing successful, and which Staff Domain really helps facilitate, is making your offshore staff feel part of a team. You need to treat as if they were your employees. Educate them, train them, invite them to team meetings, communicate regularly, set KPIs, and cheer them on when they’re doing great!”
Jennifer Viley
Founder of ParkerBeth

Learn more about ParkerBeth’s experience here: An offshoring veteran picks Staff Domain above the rest.

Staff Domain helps all staff feel connected to their teams. We’re strong believers that the best talent wants the best work environment. We work hard to facilitate a positive, caring culture through inhouse training programs, regular promotions, weekly events, team building trips, bonuses and more! Learn more about our offices and culture here.

4. Invest and processes and training

Great training and clear processes are critical for any new hire. Getting these areas right will help your recruit have a solid understanding of their expectations and responsibilities. As well as ensure they’re confident getting started on the job.

IT Managed Service Provider, Interlinked, turned to offshore outsourcing during a period of rapid growth. The team was already time-poor and needed to get their offshore team up and running ASAP. Staff Doman helped develop processes for managing, answering, and escalating calls.

Training was also provided on various software used by the company such as Autotask, Datto RMM, and IT Glue to speed up the onboarding process. Throughout, Staff Domain provided thorough monitoring and 100% support to ensure Interlinked’s new offshore team was ready for success. Having these processes and training in place became a defining factor when the business hit Covid-19. It meant they had the upper hand in handling an influx of calls, resolving issues in no time, and offering holistic tech support.

“Staff Domain delivered an offshore tech support team at a time when we really struggled to do it locally. They provided invaluable support to help get our new recruits up and running quickly, including the facilitation of processes and training. We always saw the value, but we didn’t truly appreciate just how valuable Staff Domain was until COVID-19 hit. Processes shifted swiftly and smoothly, and the training of our offshore team shone through in the way they effortlessly handled our clients.”
Carlos Da Conceicao
Director of Sales, Interlinked

Learn more about Interlinked’s experience here:

5. Take the time to select the right offshore outsourcing partner

Our services include guiding you throughout the offshore outsourcing journey. And so, ensuring you have the right team onboard to help you is vital. Before you outsource offshore, it’s important to evaluate multiple providers and understand the different solutions. Service offerings, facility standards and management pricing models form some of the greatest differentiators between BPOs.

However all-in-all, the right provider should have great communication, be able to prove their credibility through customer testimonials, and be transparent about their working conditions and pricing. Next Gen HRchose Staff Domain for these very reasons and more.

“I liked Staff Domain’s approach and in fact, it came highly recommended by one of my own clients. I’d heard many companies struggle with offshoring, and I was drawn to Staff Domain’s methodology and openness about the factors to outsource offshoring success.”
Xavier Miller
Founder & Principal Consultant, Next Gen HR

At Staff Domain our onboarding methodology is backed by independent research into businesses successfully offshoring, so our clients can be confident they’re on the path to success. We take a three-pronged approach spanning people management, business processes, and IT set-up and integration. This helps businesses establish strong, long-lasting foundations for their offshore outsourcing journey.

Offshore curious? Let’s talk. Schedule a 15-minute consultation and gain insight into what building an offshore team could look like for your business. We’ll answer any questions about getting offshore outsourcing to work successfully. Plus, provide you with a custom strategy for your business containing full pricing, recommended roles and job descriptions. Book a consultation now.

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