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What happens if we start the recruitment process, but I don’t find the right person?

With a talent pool of millions of qualified, experienced Filipinos that have worked for foreign businesses like yours, and a mature, thriving BPO market in the Philippines – that’s unlikely.  We won’t stop until we find you the right fit for your business. Still, if you don’t find the right person, you don’t hire.

What if the person I thought was right, doesn’t work out?!

Despite all the tests, screening and interviews this can happen on the rare occasion – just like it can in Australia or New Zealand.  For whatever reason – if your new hire isn’t performing as expected or required, Staff Domain will replace them for you at no extra cost within the first 6 months of their hire.

I don’t have a HR team or formal induction process mapped out. Can you help?

You’re in luck. Our management team has inducted hundreds of people in their own prior businesses, and at Staff Domain. We also have some of the country’s leading HR talent on our team to help guide you through the process. It’s all part of our end to end service for each and every client.

I’ve heard offshoring is very difficult and not as easy as it seems. What if I don’t enjoy the experience?

Staff Domain’s customer centric model is laser focused on the small to medium business owner. We understand the sector and challenges business owners face with limited resources. That’s why Staff Domain is the smart place for a business like yours, to grow! We don’t lock you in to a minimum term contract. If you’re not satisfied with your experience with us, you can simply terminate your contract with 90 days notice.

How do I know my staff are actually working?

The same way you know your staff are working in your local office – they’re hitting their KPIs, delivering on their outcomes and doing a good job. With remote workers, it’s best to focus on the outcomes, their general performance and responsiveness day to day.

When you focus on outcomes, you build a trusted relationship with your employee which contributes to their loyalty and tenure.

Still, some employers that may not yet be comfortable with today’s remote working model, we do have advanced biometrics so we can always tell when the staff are onsite. Staff Domain also does have software that can be installed upon request, that monitors everything done on that PC. If you insist on this approach, we recommend you do it for a very short period of time and move to a trust and outcome based model as soon as possible.

Are there any lock-in contracts?

No you are not required to stay with us for any length of time. You’re free to leave whenever the service stops providing value (although we work hard to exceed your expectations so you never will!). All that is required is the 90 day notice period.

Can we have a part time employee?

Staff Domain only offers full time employees.

What can I expect to pay?

You can expect a recruitment advertising fee upfront of $500. Once your new hire starts, you will receive a monthly invoice for each month’s salary cost (with no mark-up) and our facility fee. Contact us to discuss your specific scenario.

Who manages my staff?

You will fully manage your team day to day, just as you would your team locally.  They adhere to your policies and guidelines. We provide the facility, HR support and payroll, operations, IT & facilities support – but they work on the task and duties that you assign to them.

Who do I call if I have an issue?

Your account manager is your central point of contact and will help you with any issues that may arise.

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