Staff Domain is one of the top Business Process Offshoring (BPO) organisations in the world for small and medium businesses. Established in 2018 to shake up the BPO landscape for SMEs, Staff Domain provides a smart, seamless and transparent offshore outsourcing solution businesses can trust. We give you flexibility, time, advice, support and the sector’s best talent.

We have invested heavily in designing an onboarding process that is proven to deliver early productivity and success. This methodology is based on independent research into the critical success factors of offshore outsourcing according to firms who have been doing so successfully. If you’re new to offshore outsourcing, or want a new provider that can deliver the goods – Staff Domain is a genuine partner you can rely on.

We currently have three employment markets. Manila, The Philippines where we built our first state of the art facility that’s now home to the countries best accountants, recruiters, marketers, tech engineers, and more. Our second employment market is in Randburg, South Africa. We established our facility there in early 2022 and is home to some of the best sales, recruitment, admin and customer service staff in the world. Finally, India. An exceptional location for talent in IT and development. With three international locations, you have a huge talent pool increasing your chances of finding the absolute best person for any job.

With support teams in Australia, North America and Hong Kong we look forward to personally introducing you to our business and team.

Our mission is to fuel the growth and prosperity of our people, clients and communities.

Staff Domain wants to enrich the lives of the people, clients and communities we work in. Day in and day out, our focus is on making a difference and being a force for good. Helping our clients achieve their objectives in partnership. Supporting our team’s career and personal goals. Giving back to the communities we operate in.

We are a value driven organisation that is committed to building a thriving culture. As an outsource offshoring company, our culture directly impacts the team you entrust with us.

Meet Lefro, our team mascot. Lefro stands for our company values which are demonstrated every single day.

Listen actively to ensure understanding.

Embrace every growth opportunity to help kick goals, not just tick boxes.

Find a way, always and stay solution focused.

Respect of people, time, views, expectations and deadlines.

Open Communication that is timely, honest and ready for feedback.

Why work with Staff Domain?

Talent First Mentality.

Staff Domain was built for the best. Fast internet speeds, roomy desks, double monitors, latest Dell Business computers, full telephony and system integration with local teams, training and development programs, a positive culture and fantastic employee benefits. The best talent in their fields want to work here.

We source the best people suited to your specific brief. Rigorous interviews and tests ensure the cream rises to the top. We ensure the hired stay happy with employee benefits and ongoing training – driving retention.

With office facilities in South Africa and The Philippines, we have an expansive talent pool and will always aim to recruit from the best market for the role you’re filling.

Bespoke, proven growth plan for your business.

Your business is unique. We’ll listen to you and find a unique solution to support your business goals. Unique as that solution will be, it will be backed by our proven methodology for your onboarding success. Staff Domain will guide you on the kind of talent or role that will best fit your needs, based on our experience with the local talent market. We’ll create a growth plan and outline the skills and value offshoring will bring to your business.

Open, regular communication in a language you understand.

We don’t mean English. We mean plain English! We’ll keep you abreast of your offshoring journey and team, every step of the way. We provide you with clear guidance helping you to not only find the best talent, but facilitate their induction and embed them into your team. Don’t have a HR department – don’t worry! We can help you set up your new team for success.

Watch Staff Domain at Work

Spend just 15 minutes.
Get a game-changing
offshoring strategy.

Book a virtual 15 minute consultation with one of our offshoring specialists and receive a free and fully customised strategy.

Spend just 15 minutes.
Get a game-changing offshoring strategy.

Book a virtual 15 minute consultation with one of our offshoring specialists and receive a free and fully customised strategy.


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