Meet Sallyrose, SD Accountant for PPF Accounting

Accounting is serious, but that doesn’t mean accountants are all about worksheets. Just ask our colleague Sallyrose, who works hard but will also remember your birthday and watch Korean drama with you

A member of the PPF Accounting team, Sallyrose Bronzal has been with the Staff Domain Family since April of 2019. She has been a major contributor to SD’s and her client’s success and is among the most personable people one can meet, be it in the physical or virtual office.


What should we call you?

Not Sally or Rose. Just Sallyrose


What three things would we immediately know about you apart from your job?

I’m a Korean drama and movie fan. I also collect keychains. And I’m great at remembering birthdays.


Name three things you can’t work without.

Coffee – it keeps me active

Food – I can’t work properly with an empty stomach

Angkas app – Prior to the pandemic, this used to often save me from commuting dilemmas.


What course did you take in school and when did you graduate?

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy in 2015


Has being an accountant always been what you wanted to do?

Yes… and no. Haha. But if I’m not an accountant I may be a civil engineer.


Could you briefly describe to us your typical workday?

My day is mostly full of emails from the client. I sort out which tasks need priority and based on that just proceed with what is usually a busy day.


What do you enjoy most about being an accountant?

I enjoy dealing with numbers and being keen to details, which I get to practice in this profession. Others may find the job boring just looking into financial statements and doing bookkeeping while sitting at a desk and computer all day. But I enjoy the fact that accountants are vital in almost any successful business, and like the responsibility of my financial info and input being used in making business decisions.


And what about it do you feel you’d do better without?

An unhealthy lifestyle. I gained massive weight due to how busy I’ve gotten before, which is common with accountants. I don’t want to have complications with my health so I’m in the process of improving or changing my habits. Slowly but surely.


Working for over a year in Staff Domain now, what has been your favorite experience so far?

There are plenty of engaging activities and we have cool directors. Plus, I work with a great client in Sydney.


And what are the things you look forward to as a member of SD?

I look forward to continuing a steady work-life balance, which I never really had in my previous jobs.


If you were stranded on an island, who among your teammates would you want with you?

My teammates that I directly work with are all in Australia, so I’ll just choose a colleague in SD, Abegail Gallardo.

We became close during the pandemic and found that we have so much in common. She is like a little sister to me. I feel like I can say and discuss anything with her. Also, she is one sweet lady. As to being stranded on an island, we will be able to pull through because we are both independent.


Tell us a famous quote that you try to live by.

I got two: 1) When things go wrong don’t go with them, and 2) Everything happens for a reason.


And, if there is one piece of advice that you think every aspiring accountant should have, what would it be?

Don’t think that course is difficult, put your heart and passion into it and you’ll love it.



Thanks, Sallyrose!


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