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Celebrating Togetherness: Staff Domain's Valentine's Day 2024

February 14th has always been a day marked by expressions of love and affection. At Staff Domain (SD), we believe that the essence of Valentine’s Day transcends beyond romantic love, embracing the love and appreciation we hold for our colleagues and the cohesive spirit that defines our workplace. This year, we took the opportunity to celebrate this special day across all SD sites, with a particular focus on our Ortigas Site employees, who were the heart of the festivities.

The day was meticulously planned to ensure that every member of our diverse team, whether onsite or working from home, felt valued and included. Our onsite employees across the SD network – in Ortigas, Cebu, Alabang, and Pampanga – were treated to a delightful surprise of food packages.

At the Ortigas site, the celebration took a melodious turn with the introduction of a karaoke machine, turning the office into a vibrant stage where employees showcased their singing talents. The atmosphere was electric, with music and laughter creating a tapestry of memories that extended well beyond the official work hours.

Understanding the importance of inclusivity, especially in our hybrid working environment, we also hosted an online bingo game for our work-from-home staff. This initiative saw over 30 participants vying for the chance to win cash prizes, with 11 lucky winners eventually taking home their well-deserved rewards. The game was not just about the prizes, though; it was about creating a sense of belonging and engagement, reminding everyone that they are an integral part of the SD family, regardless of where they work from.

This year’s Valentine’s Day celebration at Staff Domain was more than just a day of fun activities. It was a reflection of our commitment to nurturing a workplace culture that values engagement, inclusivity, and the power of shared joy. As we moved through the day’s events, from the distribution of food packages to the last song sung at the karaoke, and the final bingo number called, it was clear that the true highlight was the laughter, the camaraderie, and the collective spirit of our SD family.

At Staff Domain, we understand that our greatest strength lies in our people, and celebrations like these are a vital part of keeping our team connected, engaged, and motivated. Here’s to many more celebrations, to the bonds that we continue to build and strengthen, and to the unwavering spirit of togetherness that defines us. Happy Valentine’s Day, SD family!

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