Today’s market for hiring excellent talent is highly competitive. 44% of small businesses report they are struggling to find qualified staff, and those with the right skill set are being pursued by multiple businesses. Add to this a growing list of jobs to fill, time-consuming tasks like job description writing and ad posting, and endless candidate filtering – recruitment becomes more difficult than ever.

Whether you’re a business with demanding hiring needs or a recruitment firm looking to grow, offshore recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) could be the best business decision you make.


What is offshore recruitment process outsourcing?

Effectively, it is outsourcing parts of the recruitment process to a team offshore. This team then takes on the repetitive and time-consuming tasks to free up your onshore recruiters for the more high value work, such as consulting or new business.

Offshore locations like the Philippines have lower operational and salary costs than countries like Australia or the US, but the same high-calibre talent. You’ll be able to find recruitment staff with years of experience working with small to large organizations in your local market and industry. All while enjoying as much as 60-70% cost savings.

As highlighted by Forbes, working with a dedicated offshore recruiter “could be the difference between staying on top of potential business opportunities and letting them slip through your grasp.”


How can offshore recruitment help?

Offshore recruitment process outsourcing is an effective way to support your organization’s high volume of recruitment needs, or firm’s growth.

You can choose to offshore all aspects of the recruitment process, or just the ones you need. From full-scale recruitment including sourcing, interviewing, screening, and onboarding, down to administrative support such as writing job descriptions and managing job postings.

With this, comes a significant cut in turnaround time and room to focus on business-critical work. Let your offshore recruitment staff manage process-driven tasks, and leave areas like consulting, final interviews, and client recommendations to your onshore team.   

Here are just some of the functions you can offshore:

  • Full Desk Recruiter: To build a pipeline of qualified candidates to close allocated job orders. 
  • Sourcers: To find and identify the best talent.
  • Executive Admin/Assistant: To manage process-heavy tasks like job description writing and managing postings.
  • Business Development: To find new clients and grow your business.

If your onshore team has been working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, then you’re already set for offshoring! The systems and processes that you’ve established can be mirrored offshore, by a qualified team that costs you much less.


Want to learn more about offshore recruitment?

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