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What Does a Typical Day Look Like Working with Offshore Staff?


If you’re considering hiring an offshore staff member, you might be wondering what a typical day looks like for them – and you! Do they work the same hours? What are their working conditions? Will it be easy to communicate with them

While you may be countries apart from your offshore staff, it doesn’t have to feel this way. With the right tools and processes, you can have a smooth and productive working relationship.

Here’s what a typical day might look like when working with offshore staff:

Your offshore staff will start their day with you or a bit later. You decide!

Depending on their time zone and your requirements, your offshore team may begin work as early as you – or later. Staff Domain can help you recruit staff across the Philippines, and South Africa. So, you can choose to have a staff member that works similar hours to your local team. Or, if you require 24/7 support, they can work through the hours you don’t.

Their processes will look a lot like yours.

Maybe you check in with a team WIP every morning? Or have a specific way to share updates on project progress, goals, and tasks? Expect your offshore staff to be accountable to the processes and expectations you set. All day-to-day employee management is in the full control of you, the client – just as if they were in your head office!

They will be equipped with the same tools and are only a call away.

Your offshore staff are set up with the same tools as your local team, whether that be Zoom, Teams or something else! This way, you can video call or instant message to keep in touch throughout the day.

Your staff will work from world-class facilities, or safely from home when required.

Staff Domain offer world-class facilities equipped with fast internet speeds, roomy desks, double monitors, the latest Dell Business computers, and full telephony and system integration with local teams.

However, with the pandemic, your offshore staff might be working from home, much like your local staff. When COVID-19 struck, we rolled out temporary work-from-home arrangements to ensure our client’s business continuity and the safety of our staff. We shipped company-issued computers, alongside Internet connectivity devices, to our employees’ homes.

It’s time for a break!

Your offshore staff love a coffee break or lunch with their office colleagues as much as you do. At Staff Domain, we offer a range of recreational areas in our facilities, including a dedicated chill out room and a lunchroom.

You can count on your offshore staff to be 100% on your team.

You can trust your offshore staff are completing their work, the same way you know staff in your local office are. They’re hitting their KPIs and delivering on their outcomes. Add to this, the fact your staff are 100% on your team – and your team only. At Staff Domain, we help you hire dedicated full-time employees. Much like you wouldn’t share your local staff with competitors or other businesses, we won’t share your offshore staff.

So, if you’re ready to hire an offshore staff member or two, remember that it doesn’t have to be daunting! With the correct planning and communication tools in place, you’ll be able to manage a remote team successfully – no matter their location.

Have more questions about offshore staffing? Check out our FAQs section here.

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