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Staff Spotlight: Angel Fabia, Senior Recruiter


This is Angel, Senior Recruiter at Staff Domain

Once dreaming of becoming a painter or an animator, Angel Fabia’s career took a whole different turn. But she was decided to learn as much as she can and put in the hard work—and her hard work keeps paying off as she is instrumental in Staff Domain’s growth.

Staff Domain’s Senior Overseas Full Desk Recruiter Angel Fabia originally didn’t see herself taking on her current role—but when she did, she was, in her own words, “consistently consistent” and determined to excel. Today she is a perfect example of the values SD embodies: listening actively; embracing every opportunity; finding a way, always; respecting peers, clients, and processes; and open communication – LEFRO.


What should we call you?


What course did you take in school and when/where did you graduate?

  • Graduate of Healthcare Education, Ramon Magsaysay Technological University, 2008
  • Graduate of Psychology, Mondrian Aura College, 2010

Name three things you can be identified with that is not your job

A traveler, a painter, and a writer

Name three things you can’t work without.

  • Tea, preferably mint or berry flavored teas—I love the scent of dried mint leaves and berries.
  • To-do list— helps me prioritize my tasks.
  • Mint or vanilla-scented ointments– You know, tita It helps me calm my senses.


When did you join Staff Domain?

February 2021

Has being a Senior Recruiter always been what you wanted to do?

No, I always wanted to become a painter or an animator ‘coz I am the shy-type kind of girl.

Could you briefly describe to us your typical workday?

  • Get in and prepare a cup of tea to start my day.
  • Start working with my backlogs and work with my to-do list.
  • When am in the zone, I just work, work, and work!
  • Closing the day by checking my accomplishments, jotting down my backlogs, creating my to-do list for the next day, fixing my table, and stretching my arms for a job well done!

What do you enjoy most about being a Senior Recruiter?

The learnings—the learnings I get from the people I am speaking with regardless of their positions, educational attainment, and background. I also enjoy the diversity of roles that I handle and the liberty and privilege to manage various international clients.

What is the most challenging thing about your job and how have you overcome it?

First, candidates’ differences in motivations, values, and culture. As a recruiter, I just don’t recruit based on the JD and the technicalities of the role. I go beyond knowing the candidates’ values, their culture, their work ethics and align these to the culture that we have as a company. Second, hiring for niche profiles given that we are a start-up business and we have limited CVs in our database. How have I overcome it? First, managing and setting the right expectations—educating both candidates and clients and helping them to meet halfway. Lastly, exerting extra effort in passive sourcing and working smart to get more qualified leads/candidates.

What is the one piece of advice that you think every aspiring Senior Recruiter should know?

Recruiters, be consistently CONSISTENT if you want to be a great recruiter! Recruiting is not rocket science. As long as you have a good grasp and understanding of the role, the client, and have strong business acumen. You will survive!

Being consistently consistent is following your process day in and day out so you have a consistently positive result. A good work ethic helps you maintain the consistency of your day-to-day process.

What are your favourite experiences with the company so far?

The people I got the chance to work with.

What are the things you look forward to working in SD?

More people, thus, the growth of the company.

If you were stranded on an island, who among your teammates would you want with you? Why?

Ronabeth aka Girly. She’s so talkative and very animated. You should see her facial reactions when we are talking about silly and funny things. It’s kinda cute and refreshing. But wait, I’d like Nikki to be there as well, though she’s from the operations. I love how our personality blends whenever we talk about Oppas and Machopapito clients. We get so kilig! Lol!

Tell us a famous quote that you try to live by.

I’m not sure if this is a famous quote. I got this from my favorite book, The 5AM Club by Robin Sharma, “It takes an awesome amount of courage to feel the terror of true personal and professional growth—and to keep going—even when you sort of feel you’re dying but continuing when you’re frightened is how you become a legend.”

For me, growth is an unending process. It is not the easiest and the most comfortable thing to do. Why? Because we have tendencies; tendencies to get frightened, tendencies to become self-satisfied, and tendencies to just stop and go back to our old self. But we are all makers, builders of great things. And all builders consistently break through their fear, daily, to find a higher level of influence, impact, and freedom. And the incredible reward you’ll receive as you fully express your strengths isn’t only the product of your courageous efforts. It is who you’ll become by progressing through your fears and the heat of your trials along the process of mastery.

Thanks, Angel!

An Australian Business Process Offshoring (BPO) organization focused on supporting small to medium businesses, Staff Domain, Inc. is committed to helping its partners overseas achieve cost savings and rapid growth through end-to-end offshore recruitment and operational management.

Based in Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines, Staff Domain outsource teams feature the best talent who take pride in the work and the professional choices they make. The company’s State of the Art Facility exceeds the expectations of working professionals and ensures productivity- a space where smart professionals and businesses can grow together.

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