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Meet Justin

He’ll order the chickpea burger with fries, has a surprising passport and a unique outlook on offshore outsourcing. Meet our CEO and Co-Founder, Justin Pavsic.

Why did you start Staff Domain?

In my previous company, we used a BPO and found it to be an incredibly challenging experience. They were supplying us with talent that really didn’t meet our technical requirements and so they just weren’t productive and it was frustrating to manage. We were burning through staff at an alarming rate and I was burning through hair at an even faster rate.

It was at that point that we decided that we could do this a lot better. I knew there were great staff in the Philippines – we just need to figure out a way to tap into them. Together with my co-founder, we decided that our BPO would put staff at the core of the business to make us an attractive employer. Today, most of our candidates come to us through referrals from our staff.

What do you enjoy most about working at Staff Domain?

I love that every day is different. I get to meet with a wide variety of clients from different backgrounds and countries with different needs and requirements – but it’s fascinating how they all share the same challenges.

Being in a growth stage, every day is different too. One day we’re implementing new systems and processes that help us become more efficient. The next, I’m in South Africa setting up a new office or at a conference speaking on offshore outsourcing.

What are some of the biggest challenges you face?

The biggest challenge I think is staying across constant technological advances and how we need to adapt constantly to make sure that we are right at the cutting edge, giving the best value to our clients and staff.

What’s something interesting or surprising about yourself that people might not know?

I’m a true global nomad. I’ve lived in Slovenia, Las Vegas and Manila to name a few. But what surprises most people – is that I grew up in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. I lived there until I was 12 years old. I then went to a boarding school in Australia until I was 17 but I constantly travelled from Port Moresby to Sydney over that time and experienced two completely different nations, societies and economies.

I have seen a lot of poverty from a very young age and I understood very quickly the role education and employment has in building the middle class in developing countries. It is and always was, absolutely vital to me personally that we make a strong and positive contribution in the markets we operate and that is one of the most satisfying aspects of my role.

How would you describe the company culture, and what values do you think are most important to your team?

Corporate culture is critical to what we do. It’s why top talent want to work here and why clients come to us to find quality staff. Our culture is open, fun, transparent and incredibly supportive. Our values are nicknamed LEFRO. Listen actively; Embrace every growth opportunity; Find a way; Respect and Open communication.

It has not been easy to build this culture and instill these values and it’s something we work on everyday – but I am thrilled to see our staff living up to these values in their daily interactions.

What’s your favourite project / client you’ve worked on so far, and why?

I don’t like to play favorites but I have to say that I’m quite partial to our Australian clients for obvious reasons. However, the biggest project that I’ve worked on recently is our expansion into South Africa. I’m particularly proud of our offices and brilliant team there. That’s not to say I’m not proud of our team in the Philippines as well – they’ve just expanded the office significantly with new locations plus the expansion of our existing space in Pasig City Manila. But Ben (my co-founder) was running that 😊 so I’ll leave him to claim it when it’s time to profile him!

How do you stay motivated and productive throughout the workday?

I’m up at 4:00 AM to mediate, exercise and set myself up personally for that day. I maintain a pretty strict diet (I’m a vegan – feel free to send me your jokes, I can take it). I try and get 8 hours of sleep a day.

I am a big believer in getting the basics right like nutrition, sleep and exercise. The impact on your mental health is enormous and is key to a very successful career – it’s something I constantly talk to staff about as well.

What’s something you’re looking forward to in the future for the company or your team?

Growth. We have big growth targets. The more we grow, the more we can invest in the team and that is what really drives and excites us. We want to hold more activities for the staff, run more training, give more back to the communities we operate in.

What do you like to do outside of work, and how do you balance your personal and professional life?

I love reading so I do a lot of that. I also love to spend time with my parents – they’re in their 80s now so spending time with them is of utmost important to me. And of course, spending time with my friends.

What advice would you give to someone about to start their offshore outsourcing journey?

1. Be decisive and act fast. Don’t hold out for ‘someone better’. When you find someone great – grab them or you will miss out. Good talent are hard to come all over the world so if you don’t grab them, someone else will!
2. Be prepared to spend time with your offshore staff. You must train them, engage with them, coach them and get to know them. We have a brilliant piece of research we commissioned with Bond University that will really help set you up for success – make sure you read it before you start your offshore outsourcing journey.

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