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Smart Outsourcing Tips: Building Your Own Philippine Digital Marketing Team

Building Your Own Philippine Digital Marketing Team

Why Offshore Digital Marketing in the Philippines?

The combination of the following factors makes the Philippines an ideal location for offshoring digital marketing services, providing a balance of quality, efficiency, and cultural compatibility.

Language and Culture

The Philippines offers a unique linguistic advantage due to its high level of English proficiency and cultural affinity with the West. The country’s education system supports English as a medium of instruction from an early age, contributing to a workforce that is not only fluent in English but also culturally attuned to Western norms.

This makes Filipino digital marketers particularly adept at creating campaigns that resonate with Western audiences, ensuring effective communication and cultural relevance.

Digital Marketing Expertise

The Philippines is recognized for its expertise in various digital marketing domains including SEO, social media, and content creation. The continuous improvement in education and professional training ensures that Filipino professionals are technologically adept and up-to-date with global standards.

This rich pool of talent is further enhanced by government support for the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector, which includes initiatives aimed at fostering a highly skilled workforce.

Abundance of Government Support

The Philippine government actively supports the BPO industry, which includes digital marketing services, through various initiatives. These include infrastructure improvements, tax incentives, and training programs aimed at enhancing the skills of the workforce.

Laws like the Data Privacy Act of 2012 and the Special Economic Zone Act help maintain high standards of operation and make the Philippines a competitive location for outsourcing.


Outsourcing digital marketing tasks to the Philippines, particularly for small businesses, can lead to significant cost savings without sacrificing quality.

The cost-effectiveness of Filipino BPO services is a result of lower labor costs compared to Western countries, coupled with high levels of productivity and service quality.

This economic advantage is pivotal for companies looking to optimize their marketing budgets while maintaining high standards in their digital marketing campaigns.

What are the Ways to Offshore Digital Marketing Services?

Hiring In-house, Remote 

Check Icon Pros

  • Direct control over the hiring process
  • Employees integrate fully with company culture
  • Easier to enforce company policies and quality standards

Cross Icon Cons

  • Managing remote teams can be challenging due to time zone differences
  • Higher overhead costs for recruitment and retention
  • Potential legal and logistical challenges in employment contracts

Establishing an Entity in the Country 

Check Icon Pros

  • Complete control over operations and culture
  • Benefits from local government incentives
  • Enhanced brand presence in the local market

Cross Icon Cons

  • High initial investment and commitment
  • Complexities in navigating local laws and regulations
  • Requires significant management attention and resources

Partnering with an Outsourcing Agency

Check Icon Pros

  • Quick setup and scaling of operations
  • Access to a broad skill set without the need for individual hiring
  • Agencies handle all administrative and HR aspects

Cross Icon Cons

  • Less control over individual employee performance
  • Potential risks if the agency does not align well with your company’s values

Why Is Outsourcing with an Agency the Superior Choice?

Given the options available for offshoring digital marketing services to the Philippines, partnering with an outsourcing agency emerges as a particularly strategic choice for many businesses. While establishing an entity in the country offers comprehensive control, and hiring in-house provides a higher degree of cultural integration, the agility and expertise of an outsourcing agency often align better with the dynamic needs of digital marketing.

Agility and Efficiency

Agencies specialize in quickly setting up and scaling operations, which is crucial in the fast-paced digital marketing landscape where market conditions can change rapidly. This ability to swiftly adapt and scale helps businesses stay competitive without the long lead times associated with setting up new operations or hiring additional in-house staff.

Broad Skill Access and Administrative Handling

Agencies bring a diverse range of skills under one roof, offering businesses access to advanced digital marketing techniques and technologies without the need to invest in extensive training or recruitment. Moreover, agencies manage all the logistical and administrative challenges, including HR tasks, thus allowing companies to focus more on their core business strategies rather than on operational complexities.


While there are undeniable benefits to having a dedicated in-country team, the initial and ongoing costs can be prohibitive. Outsourcing agencies offer a more cost-effective solution by minimizing these expenses and also reducing the financial risks associated with direct employment and legal compliance in a foreign market.

Mitigating Risks

The potential downsides of less control over individual employee performance and dependency on the agency’s delivery quality are often outweighed by the professional management and structured operational model that experienced agencies bring to the table. Agencies with a proven track record are adept at aligning their operations with the values and quality standards of their clients, thus mitigating many of the risks involved.

What Kind of Outsourcing Agency Should You Work With?

Choosing the right outsourcing agency is critical. Look for agencies that:

  • Have a proven track record with testimonials and case studies.
  • Offer transparency in operations and communications.
  • Align with your business values and goals.
  • Provide scalable services to grow with your needs.
  • Foster a collaborative approach, treating you as a partner rather than just a client.

By carefully selecting the right agency and understanding the pros and cons of different outsourcing models, you can build a powerful digital marketing team in the Philippines that drives your business towards its strategic objectives.

The simpler solution, of course, is to speak with one of our outsourcing specialists. Staff Domain only hires the most qualified and experienced marketers to help you in your digital marketing journey.

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