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Outsourcing companies in South Africa

Staff Domain goes big in South Africa just 6 months after launch

After huge success in the Philippines, Staff Domain, one of the world’s leading offshore outsourcing companies, opened its doors in South Africa. It launched in Randburg, northwest of Johannesburg, with a 60-seat facility, bringing its renowned culture, recruitment rigour and research backed client onboarding methodology to new markets.

     – Companies in the UK or North America that were looking for staff that could work the same or similar hours, now could. 

     – Organisations in Australia or New Zealand wanting to expand their service and customer service hours and deliver to customers 24/7, now had an option far more effective than people working night shifts. 

Six months after opening our doors we quickly realised its spaces were filling up and more would be required. Unlike many outsourcing companies in South Africa, Staff Domain takes its workplace design and technology very seriously and spent the next six months with architects and consultants ensuring the best possible space for its team – South Africa’s best talent in recruitment, tech, sales, customer service and accounting.

Office expansion inclusions

Taking on the office next door, and combining it with the existing space, Staff Domain has added 110 new seats which are already filling up fast.

Same high tech and desk set up

Living up to our high tech reputation, all new desks feature the same dual monitors and top of the range Dell computers. Despite the already spacious desks, monitors are now arm hung, meaning double the elbow room – and more desk space for photos of friends and family.

New recreational spaces

Not many outsourcing companies in South Africa are as concerned about their outdoor spaces as internal workspace. However, true to its Aussie roots, Staff Domain came good with an outdoor space perfect for hanging out with work mates. The new space now boasts two large outdoor decks, decorated with fairy lights to create more ambience for those balmy African nights after work with colleagues. A new BBQ has been added, the centre stage for monthly company events. Who will do the barbecuing – that’s yet to be decided.

Inspired by flourishing gardens

The smart place to grow – that’s what Staff Domain promises its clients and people. It therefore was fitting that this would inspire the office design. You’ll find a lot of green walls, timber structures and an overall natural feel akin to a furtile garden. This is a workplace that is productive and enjoyable by design, two critical aspects of any workplace that genuinely wants its people to flourish.

What kind of professional services can outsourcing companies in South Africa offer?

We can’t speak for the rest – but Staff Domain’s success in South Africa is driven by its ability to find and retain the best recruiters, customer service reps, IT professionals, salespeople and accountants.

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