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How LinkedIn Can Help Grow Your Business


8 in 10 companies are investing in social media marketing this year, according to HubSpot’s latest report. Why? With roughly 3.5 billion users (Hootsuite), the reach of social media is endless. It’s also a great tool for delivering highly targeted, personalized, and conversational messages.

With over 722 million members, LinkedIn is the second-most popular social media platform used by B2B marketers (Statista, 2019). More importantly, HubSpot ranks it third in the list of social media platforms with the highest ROI. It’s a powerful business marketing tool that can help you establish and cultivate meaningful relationships with your audience.

Building your brand profile through Organic Marketing

Establishing a strong organic online presence is key to building awareness, fostering a community of loyal followers, and driving interactions with your brand. LinkedIn offers a range of tools to help you reach these goals, and promote your products and services. These include:

Your company page: This is your brand’s basic profile. It’s where you can share the story of your business, brand, and people, and keep your audience informed.

Showcase pages: An extension of your company page, showcase pages are dedicated to highlighting your products or services. These hyper-specialized pages allow your audience to engage with more relevant and personalized content.

Content marketing LinkedIn Publishing Platform lets you share blogs, videos, and SlideShare presentations. Use this platform to share content that provides value on the topics your audience care about.

Targeted audience outreach through Paid Marketing

Paid marketing allows you to reach audiences on LinkedIn instantly. Your content will be front and centre of your target market’s feeds and inboxes.

LinkedIn Sponsored Content: This form of paid advertisement allows you to reach current and new audiences beyond your page followers. Use LinkedIn carousel ads, single image, or video ads to send promoted content to the LinkedIn feeds of your target market.

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail: Use InMail messages to engage prospects directly through their LinkedIn inboxes. 89% of consumers prefer to be contacted by businesses through messaging, yet only 48% use this feature.

LinkedIn Text Ads: Consisting of just a headline and brief description, text ads are a simple yet effective way to drive traffic. These can be linked to any property you want your audience to visit, including your LinkedIn page, LinkedIn Lead Gen forms, your website, or a download.

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads: Dynamic ads are ads tailored to a user’s personal profile. These ads can pull the user’s photo, employer’s name, and job title into the ad to create a highly personalized experience.

How do businesses use LinkedIn?

There are four main ways businesses use LinkedIn for marketing: social listening, lead generation, direct outreach, and performance marketing.

Social Listening is the process of using social media to listen in on conversations about your brand. Tracking conversations about your brand provides an opportunity to measure your performance, gain insight into audience interest, and manage your brand reputation. Examples of social listening include; keeping track of brand mentions, monitoring competitor LinkedIn pages, and joining relevant LinkedIn groups to better understand the market.

Lead Generation is the process of finding and connecting with prospects. You can use the LinkedIn search function to find relevant people to connect with; InMail to start conversations; or Paid Ads to encourage desired actions such as page views or submitting personal information.

Direct Outreach is the process of directly engaging with others to build connections and find prospective clients. You can use LinkedIn personalized message ads, custom fields, or lead gen forms to create fully customized messages that convert and are measurable.

Performance Marketing is a strategy that leverages paid advertising to promote your brand. Under this model, you are only charged when a specific action is completed such as a click or lead. LinkedIn Dynamic Ads allow you to create campaigns based on your conversion goals and deliver these to custom audiences.

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