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LinkedIn Strategies for Growing Your Business


Businesses are quick to leverage the power of technology in this increasingly digital business landscape. In fact, 77 per cent of businesses use social media to reach customers. Social media’s capabilities for raising awareness, creating and engaging communities, and generating and closing sales are endless. Leveraging these opportunities can significantly enhance your professional presence and business growth.

LinkedIn is a key platform for B2B businesses aiming to connect, engage, and secure clients seeking specific products, services, or manpower. With over 830 million members, LinkedIn was listed by 40 per cent of B2B marketers as the most effective channel for driving high-quality leads. It is a powerful business marketing tool that can help you establish and cultivate meaningful relationships with your audience.


As offshore outsourcing experts, Staff Domain understands the importance of building credible online presences and leveraging LinkedIn to drive business success. In this article, we help you make the most of your LinkedIn profiles or company pages with our proven strategies.


How do businesses use LinkedIn?

There are four main ways businesses use LinkedIn for social media marketing: social listening, lead generation, direct outreach, and performance marketing.

Let us discuss each of these strategies. 

Social Listening

conversations, and feedback regarding your brand. Tracking public conversations or mentions about your brand is an opportunity to measure your performance, gain insight into audience interest, and manage your brand reputation. Social listening does not just stop at tracking brand mentions, it also covers checking public conversations on competing brands, tracking trending content, and conducting sentiment analysis on topics relevant to your business. 

Social listening on LinkedIn allows you to gauge your business’s current standing, understand customer perceptions, and identify growth opportunities. This strategy helps refine your content to increase engagement and reach on LinkedIn.


Lead Generation
LinkedIn lead generation ensures your business acquires “qualified leads from quality audiences.” The process uses professional demographic data to finely tune your campaign’s targets. With LinkedIn, you can use the search function to find relevant people to connect with, InMail to start conversations, or Paid Ads to encourage desired actions such as page views or submitting personal information.


Direct Outreach
LinkedIn Outreach is a strategy tool that directly engages with target professionals through LinkedIn messages. These days, this has become one of the most prevalent cold outreach methods. You can use LinkedIn personalised message ads, custom fields, or lead gen forms to create fully customised messages that convert and are measurable. This enables your business development or sales specialists to hyper-target leads that are more willing to buy your products and services. 


Performance Marketing
Performance marketing is a strategy that leverages paid advertising to promote your brand. On LinkedIn, you can utilise the LinkedIn Campaign Manager to achieve either of the three goals: awareness, consideration, and conversion. In this strategy, you are charged when a specific action is completed, such as impressions, clicks or click-throughs, or leads. You can also use LinkedIn Dynamic Ads to create campaigns based on your campaign objectives, deliver these to target audiences, and measure your results to optimise future campaigns.


1 Build your brand profile through organic marketing 


Utilising the strategies above can help you navigate LinkedIn to attract and secure leads while building engaged communities. Leveraging the various sections of your LinkedIn page various sections can help your business find like-minded entities through both organic and paid methods. 

Establishing a strong organic online presence is key to generating awareness, fostering online communities, and driving brand interactions. You can utilise LinkedIn’s features and tools to help you execute your digital marketing strategy. These include:


  • Your company page
    This is your brand’s basic profile. It is where you can share your business’s story, brand, and people to keep your audience informed.

  • Showcase pages
    These are extensions of your company page. Showcase pages are dedicated to highlighting your products, services, business units, or initiatives. These hyper-specialised pages allow your audience to engage with more relevant and personalised content.

  • Content marketing
    LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform allows you to share blogs, videos, and SlideShare presentations. Use this platform to share content that provides value on the topics your audience cares about.
    Recently, LinkedIn launched its Collaborative Articles. This feature introduces a topic or skill where LinkedIn users can provide their insights and advice based on real-life experiences.  Utilising this feature will help you build your credibility on the platform.

2 Reach targeted audience through paid marketing 


LinkedIn’s paid marketing allows you to make B2B ad campaigns depending on your marketing objectives. This feature enables you to specify your target audience, customise your ad budget, and measure and monitor your ads to discover more lead-generating opportunities. Through paid ads, your content will be front and centre on your target market’s feeds and inboxes.

Here are some types of ads that you can utilise for your page.

  • LinkedIn Sponsored Content
    This form of paid advertisement allows you to reach current and new audiences beyond your page followers. LinkedIn sponsored content is media-rich ads in the forms of carousel adverts, single images, or video ads to promote your content to your target market’s feeds.

  • LinkedIn Sponsored InMail
    LinkedIn’s sponsored InMail allows you to send timely, convenient, and relevant personal messages to engage prospects directly through their inboxes. About 89 per cent of consumers prefer to be contacted by businesses through messaging, yet only 48 per cent use this feature.

  • LinkedIn Text Ads
    Text ads are a simple yet effective way to drive traffic. With a captivating headline and description, these ads can be redirected to any link you want your audience to visit, including your LinkedIn profile, Lead Generation forms, your website, or downloadable content.

  • LinkedIn Dynamic Ads
    LinkedIn’s dynamic ads are ads tailored to a user’s personal profile. These ads can feature the user’s photo, employer’s name, and job title into the ad to create a highly personalised experience. Its ad formats—follower ads, spotlight ads, and job ads—can help you achieve your specific objectives effectively.

  • LinkedIn Lead Generation for Offshore Outsourcing
    As an offshore outsourcing organisation, Staff Domain understands the importance of maintaining a trustworthy and professional online presence to attract new clients. By implementing these strategies, your business can connect with like-minded entities, attract and secure high-quality leads, and cultivate a loyal community. 

Unlock the full potential of LinkedIn for your business. Download our comprehensive guide on LinkedIn strategies and start leveraging the platform to drive growth and engagement.


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What strategies can businesses use to optimise their LinkedIn presence?

To optimise their profile, businesses should:

    • Create an engaging company profile with specific information about their products, services, mission, and values.
    • Regularly create and publish high-quality content, such as industry insights, case studies, and success stories.
    • Engage with followers and industry colleagues by leaving comments, liking, and sharing pertinent content.
    • Use LinkedIn Analytics to track performance, discover audience demographics, and improve marketing techniques.
How can LinkedIn help in recruiting top talent for my business? 

Businesses can use the platform as a recruitment tool by displaying their corporate culture, job openings, and career prospects to a large pool of qualified candidates. Corporate branding solutions are also provided for attracting top talent by emphasising workplace accomplishments and employee testimonials.

How can LinkedIn help businesses stay updated with industry trends and insights?

The platform allows businesses to access industry-specific material, thought leadership pieces, and updates from industry leaders. Businesses that follow relevant companies, influencers, and industry associations can stay updated on developing trends, market movements, and competitive information. This knowledge can help firms make better strategic decisions, improve their market position, and drive innovation.

Can LinkedIn help businesses with customer relationship management (CRM) and client retention?

CRM and client retention are achieved by consistent engagement with existing customers and prospects. It may help businesses retain and strengthen relationships by sharing important industry updates, corporate news, and tailored messages. InMail and messaging services enable businesses to engage directly with clients, handle inquiries, and give personalised customer support, hence increasing client happiness and loyalty over time.

How can LinkedIn help businesses with employee recruitment and employer branding? 

LinkedIn’s posting function can help businesses advertise vacant positions, attract quality candidates, and manage applications more effectively. It also enables businesses to promote their company culture, values, and workplace environment via company updates, employee testimonials, and career pages. Businesses that maintain an active LinkedIn presence and engage with potential candidates can improve their employer brand, attract top people, and establish a strong community on the platform.

Can LinkedIn help businesses expand their network internationally? 

Yes, its global reach makes it an excellent platform for organisations seeking to expand internationally. Businesses can expand into new markets, form networks, and learn about local business practices and market trends by networking with experts, firms, and industry groups worldwide. The advanced search options enable organisations to strategically develop their worldwide network by focusing on certain locations, industries, or job roles.

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