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Staff Domain Honours Fathers this 2024 Father’s Day Celebration

Staff Domain fathers day

Staff Domain Honours Fathers this 2024 Father’s Day Celebration

From 13 June to 14 June 2024, Staff Domain celebrated fathers and father figures in time for Father’s Day in the Philippines. The festivities featured exciting games, delicious food, and relaxing activities, all designed to recognize, support, and provide relaxation for our fathers.

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Staff Domain’s fathers aimed to win in a friendly competition.

The first day of celebrations featured various activities for Staff Domain’s dads. Attendees were divided into teams and competed in various games, including arm wrestling, head-shoulders-knees-toes-grab, and bottle flip. These activities brought out the competitive spirit and provided plenty of laughter and entertainment for everyone involved. The winning team received vouchers and after the games, Staff Domain provided lunch meals and gift bags for the fathers to ensure everyone was well-fed and appreciated.

A relaxing respite

The celebration didn’t stop with games, meals, and gifts. Recognising the importance of rest and relaxation for fathers, the second day of the celebration focused on providing them with the opportunity to relax. Fathers present in the Ortigas main office were treated to a massage in one of the company’s available rooms.  This allowed fathers to unwind and recharge, acknowledging their hard work and dedication.

An engaging virtual gathering 

Our celebration extended to fathers in our other satellite offices across the Philippines. Through MS Teams, we organised online activities to ensure no father was left out of the festivities. This inclusivity ensured that all fathers felt honoured, regardless of their location.

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A thoughtful reflection 

As the celebrations reached the peak, Ben Rajah, our Chief Finance Officer, shared his perspective on the unique challenges of fatherhood.

“Being the father is not easy because you have to juggle work, bring home the bacon at some level, and on top of that, you’ve got to spend time with the kids so that they do well. What happens these days is there’s sometimes a disconnect with the father; working late, coming late (and) kids are asleep. Sometimes, we miss out on some of that. People don’t see that sacrifice,” he shared.

Amidst these sacrifices a father makes, Ben also shared the father’s responsibility to be present in their family’s life. “I can imagine as you guys have different kids at different ages, they face different types of demands. And so, it’s not easy as a father. It takes quite a lot of responsibility and I wish to see more fathers be more responsible. So, the title of being a father is not just having kids, the title of father is looking after the family.”

Juggling various aspects of fatherhood is tiring, and fathers who do so deserve to be recognised. “Anyone that says being a father is really easy. They might be only looking at one facet, but looking at all the facets, it is never easy. So, I take my hat off to you guys,” he added.

We celebrate all the fathers and father figures for the superdads that they are. Happy Father’s Day!

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