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Boost Service Levels and Solve Talent Issues with Intelligent Sourcing: A CEO’s Take

Boost Service Levels and Solve Talent Issues

People, processes, and systems or technologies are the cornerstones of a Managed Service Provider’s (MSP’s) success. These elements leverage skilled individuals, structured workflows, and appropriate technological tools so they can support each other. However, while systems and processes continue to improve, finding and retaining good people is only becoming harder.

Learn why this problem occurs and how offshore outsourcing can help MSPs combat it in this documentary with Staff Domain’s CEO Justin Pavsic, written and produced by CRN for their exclusive State of the MSP report.

CRN’s State of the MSP Report is a detailed study of the hiring factors MSPs face and the expectations of their end customer. Staff Domain is proud to be a sponsor and help bring this critical information to the MSP community.

The demand for flexibility.

The new normal has transformed the talent market and ultimately, the way businesses operate. The days of working a stringent nine-to-five have disappeared. Instead, flexibility has risen to the forefront of staff and client expectations. This shift has created significant challenges for MSPs.

With businesses running on a flexible model, work hours are spanning broad and varied times. As a result, MSP’s clients are seeking providers that offer continuous 24/7/365 support. The level of support has become the top priority for MSP customers, and being unable to meet this means risking the business. Responsiveness (74%) and failure to meet key performance indicators (KPIs) (69%) are the top two reasons why a customer would switch from one MSP to another.

However, meeting these demands is not a matter of simply hiring more staff. Today’s talent market is more competitive than ever. Due to increasing demands for work-life balance, finding local talent to fill after-hour roles is becoming near impossible.


The rise of Intelligent Sourcing.

In this time of change, Intelligent Sourcing has emerged as a strong strategic move for MSPs. That is the approach of finding the best people – anywhere. Regardless of location or time, this support team can provide excellent responsiveness and aid their customers.

By leveraging offshoring, MSPs can access highly qualified employees for roles such as help desk support, outsourced system administration, security specialists, and more. MSPs can hire based on their technical needs and their shift requirements. Outsourcing has opened the way for MSPs to take on a follow-the-sun mentality. This is an opportunity to provide 24/7/365 support thanks to staff working in different time zones. For example, an Australian-based company can turn to offshore staff in the Philippines or South Africa to fulfil after-hours demands – ultimately beating local talent challenges to provide high levels round the clock.


Staff Domain‘s offshore outsourcing solutions connect your business to a highly experienced global talent pool for game-changing results. Effortlessly manage your offshore workforce with our comprehensive compliance, payroll, and HR support, and benefit from fixed, transparent pricing in your local currency. Contact us today or schedule a meeting with our sales team to quickly source the right offshore team for your business.

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