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Data Privacy and Protection in Offshoring: Why It Matters

Data Privacy and Protection in Offshoring Why It Matters

Consumers have changed their take on sharing their personal information as they adopt digital technology and remote services more. Whereas they were more willing to exchange data years ago, now they put emphasis on protecting their personal data—and it’s important for businesses to adapt.

Trust levels are low

A study conducted by risk analysis firm McKinsey & Company reveals that less than 60% of respondents trusted companies in general. Those who do place their trust do so because they were not asked for information not relevant to the product (52%); they did not ask for too much personal information (48%); they react quickly to hacks and breaches (50%); they proactively report breaches and hacks (46%); and they have trustworthy brands (43%).

This highlights that consumer trust levels are generally low and there is hesitancy to share personal information with businesses. Information such as their location, age group and gender can be useful in tailoring your products and services specifically to your market. Complying with data privacy regulations is one of the most effective ways to assure customers that their information is safe. They can be assured that their information won’t be sold to third parties or used in ways not indicated in any sign-up forms you ask them to fill out.

Data privacy and protection in offshore outsourcing

Offshore outsourcing in particular presents a unique set of challenges with data privacy and protection. Due to the nature of tasks commonly outsourced, offshore partners handle sensitive consumer data such as financial information, social security numbers, payroll and benefits information, and purchase histories to name a few. However, with the right offshoring partner, you can feel confident about your business data being safe. In turn, you can assure your customers that their information is safe, therefore building their trust in your business.

Compliance with industry and territory regulations. Offshored staff are trained in the industry, country-specific and global standards for data privacy and protection. At Staff Domain, we source staff that are well-versed in compliances and can begin working for your business right away.

Secure infrastructure. Offshoring saves you the cost of building out secure technology infrastructure. A good provider will already have strict data privacy and protection policies in place, as well as secure technology settings to protect information. For example, during the lockdown, we gave our staff new office computers with restrictions on personal use, access to a secure server, and access to a secure remote desktop connection. This ensures your business data remains in a controlled environment within the organization.

Employee monitoring. A key method to ensure data security when offshoring is to remotely monitor employee computer activity. By having remote access to employee desktop, emails and other correspondences, you can monitor compliance with company protocols on data privacy and protection. On top of that, this same technology allows you to monitor your offshore team’s productivity.

Interested in improving your data privacy and protection measures through the help of offshoring? Talk to us today and find out the how offshoring can benefit your business.

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