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CRN's State of the MSP Report - proudly sponsored by Staff Domain

The world of Managed Service Providers has changed dramatically following two years of huge disruption. So to, has the world and subsequently, the needs, of their customers.

CRN’s State of the MSP Report is a detailed study into the factors MSPs are faced with and expectations of their end customer. We’re proud to be a sponsor and help bring this critical information to our valued MSP clients.

A taste of what your customers want

When CRN asked customers what the most important factor was when choosing an MSP – the majority responded with ‘Level of Support’.

The top three services customers are looking for are Security (33%), infrastructure (28%) and modern workplace (17%).

The main advantages of using an MSP were Access to skills and expertise (40%) with Ability to scale capabilities up and down as required a distant second (20%).

The main advantages of using an MSP were Access to skills and expertise (40%) with Ability to scale capabilities up and down as required a distant second (20%).

The timing of CRN’s State of the MSP report is critical, findings insightful and information actionable as it attempts to help MSP’s plan for their future in this new world of work.

Offshore outsourcing now business critical to MSPs

Today’s MSP is having to do more with less staff. Responsiveness is more difficult than ever, making it tough to meet KPIs – meaning many, according to this report, could be giving their customers a reason to look for a new provider.

There are barely any office based business that haven’t moved to a hybrid or work from home model and MSPs are no different. However, many are also feeling the weight of the great resignation and the mounting pressure of meeting support requests from home workers at any time of the day or night. Many local staff don’t want to do the late or early hours and many certainly don’t want to do them from an office.

So in an industry that has always leant on offshore outsourcing for growth, it has now become business critical.

The building of a tech support team in The Philippines, means increased capacity for customer service and tech support. An offshore team in South Africa, allows MSPs to have a follow the sun mentality. That is, a business that operates 24/7 with thanks to teams in completely different time zones. A realised benefit of this, for example, is that when your Australian team logs on in the morning, support tickets opened outside their working hours, have already been dealt with so onshore teams aren’t having to catch up on work from the night before.

Out now…

CRN’s State of the MSP report focuses on five different areas and kicked off with:

– Managed security services
– Managed infrastructure services
– Managed modern workplace services

Over the next ten days, CRN will release more content and insights into:

– Managed network services
– Managed communications services
– The customer view – insights direct from buyers about what they want from an MSP.

Can we help you meet the demands of the modern workplace?

Staff Domain helps MSPs all over the world improve their customer service speed and service, reduce workload stress on local teams and to grow. If you’re offshore curious, we offer an obligation free consultation and can provide you with a roadmap (including all costs) to offshore outsourcing. Schedule a 15-minute consultation now.

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