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CEO talks Talent Acquisition Strategy Frameworks at TAW22


The US Recruitment industry recently came together for Talent Acquisition Week 2022 (TAW). The biggest talent event on the industry calendar kicked off with the question on everyone’s mind. How do you build and manage a talent acquisition team in today’s environment?

To help answer the question, Talent Acquisition Week brought together two industry thought leaders including Elliot Garlock and Justin Pavsic.

Elliot Garlock is the Head of Talent at Clear Street. Clear Street is a fintech company that simplifies complex trading and handles over $1 billion in trades daily.

Justin Pavsic, Staff Domain CEO, brought insights from years of helping talent acquisition teams build efficiencies through recruitment process outsourcing.

Through the lense of Staff Domain , outsourcing offshore means hiring talent from international markets with strong local experience. Compliance, operations, tech and office set up is all left to Staff Domain. The company also provides ongoing training and development, a strong culture and complete workplace solutions.

Outsourcing some of the talent acquisition process is fundamental to a strong talent acquisition framework. During the panel session, Mr Pavsic highlighted the number one benefit to HR professionals – speed.

He shared that teams could speed up the hiring process by outsourcing the repetitive but important parts of talent acquisition. For example:

  • job postings
  • managing job boards
  • updating job descriptions
  • improving the candidate experience
  • managing social media
  • reviewing all job applications
  • updating career pages online
  • identifying potential candidates
  • Providing general support to the hiring manager or human resources department.

Mr. Pavsic went on to say that recruitment process outsourcing should be considered as part of any recruitment strategy for fast and cost effective talent acquisition.

The full discussion is available below.

How to build and manage talent acquisition teams.

Talent Acquisition Week 2022

Talent Acquisition Week “brings sourcing, recruiting and employer branding strategies together to provide you with the most comprehensive learning experience”. In 2022, it brought together America’s talent acquisition thought leaders including:

Melissa Thompson, Global Head of Talent Acquisition, Ford.

Ashleigh Anderson, VP, Global Head of Talent Acquisition, Credit Karma

Tiffany Ballve, Engineering Sourcing Leader, Netflix

Brian Fink, Senior Sourcing Technical Recruiter, Twitter

Priti Sahu, Sr Strategic Sourcer, Intuitive.

Any TA team or recruitment agency can build their own team offshore. for more information on how to make this part of your talent acquisition strategy framework, contact us today.

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