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3 Ways WFH has set teams up for Offshoring Success


Work from home (WFH) and virtual teams are the new norm, and offshore outsourcing is the future. According to a recent report by Citi and the University of Oxford, WFH has led to the realisation that if a job doesn’t depend on location, it can be done offshore. This supports a shift towards extending capacity for innovation, exploration and creativity in local teams, where in-person collaboration is critical.

Offshore outsourcing presents a unique opportunity for businesses to build healthier, happier, richer organisations that thrive off more room for high-value work and business growth. And there’s no better time than now for businesses to give it a shot! Off the back of the pandemic and the move to WFH, businesses and teams are more equipped than ever to get started with offshoring.

Here are just 3 ways WFH has set teams up for offshoring success:

1. The tech is already in place.

The pandemic has mitigated tech barriers that once may have prevented remote working. If your business moved to WFH during Covid, it would have required setting up the tech and processes to support this. We’re talking remote communication tools, project management software, web-based collaboration tools, and the appropriate network security and privacy measures.

With these tools already in place, getting your offshore staff set-up will be a breeze. At Staff Domain, we provide end to end services for every client. This includes looking after the IT & T integration for your new offshore staff. We’ll cover their telephony set-up, ensure high level security and privacy, and we’ll match their software, databases and licenses to yours! For instance, if your team use Zoom and SharePoint, or a specialised software – your offshore staff member will have it set-up on their computer too. This allows for a seamless global team experience.

2. Location is a thing of the past.

If the pandemic has made one thing clear, it’s that location no longer matters. Your locals are working effectively and collaboratively, despite their location. Expect no different from your remote team in South Africa or the Philippines.

In fact, the new WFH culture benefits global teams. One Stanford University researcher has pointed out that local teams working remotely, will create a greater culture for global integration. Offshore staff feel more connected because the work and team environment is now level.

3. Virtual teamwork is the norm.

We’re all used to communicating over zoom, virtual brainstorms, and collaboration on shared docs. Virtual teamwork is new norm, and not a barrier to success. With the right offshoring partner, your offshore staff will simply be a global extension of your workforce. They’re trained by you, coached by you and collaborating with you – just like your local team.

Staff Domain’s independent research with Bond Uni found that critical to your team’s success – is putting the time into integrating your offshore staff with your onshore team and operations. Psychologically the whole organisation needs to see offshore staff as part of the team, and not external help. Simple things like involving your offshore staff in team meetings, including them in companywide emails and saying, “Happy Birthday!” are crucial to create a high performing team.

So, what are you waiting for?

Your business is already set-up with the tech, location is a thing of the past, your staff are used to virtual teamwork. It’s clear that work from home is quickly turning into work from anywhere, and offshore outsourcing could be next big opportunity for your business.

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