Grow your recruitment team or agency with offshore


Grow your recruitment team or agency with offshore


Build speed and efficiencies in your business or agency, by hiring offshore sourcers to support your recruitment team’s demanding workload.

Finding and identifying the best talent is a time-consuming, albeit important, recruitment process. Leave it to your offshore sourcer to search for potential candidates, contact passive candidates and ultimately build a solid pipeline of talent for future hiring needs. As a result, your local team will have more capacity to focus on selecting and hiring the best talent for your business or clients.

When you partner with Staff Domain, you’ll be offshoring your talent sourcing to well-educated and qualified recruitment professionals. South Africa and the Philippines offer a massive pool of highly qualified recruiters, with years of experience in international markets. Staff Domain can help you tap into this opportunity and hire offshore sourcers that are 100% on your team but supported by us at our world-class facilities.

Expand capacity for high-value work.

One of biggest realised benefits of offshore outsourcing is expanded capacity. In fact, 88% of businesses offshoring consider it to a be a ‘major’ benefit. In recruitment where there are many time-consuming and repetitive tasks – this advantage is more important than ever. By offshoring functions like sourcing, you can significantly cut turnaround times in your business or agency. With your offshore sourcer owning the candidate search, your senior staff will have more time to invest in final interviews, consultation, and client recommendations.

Work with highly qualified talent – at a fraction of local costs.

Recruitment process outsourcing is a smart place to put your business budget. For functions like sourcing, hiring a full-time employee locally may not be a cost-effective option for your business. However, offshoring can reduce the financial burden on your business, without sacrificing the quality of people, or level of service. You can hire a highly qualified, full time offshore sourcer with years of experience in international markets. All while saving up to 60-70% on salary costs.

Local office, global team.

Your offshore sourcers are an extension of your onshore recruitment team. Staff Domain fill full-time offshore roles, meaning your hire is an employee of your business only. And while they are working from our offices, they will be completely set-up with your software, resources, and processes. This way you can work together seamlessly and productively to source and hire the best talent.


“I liked Staff Domain’s approach and in fact, it came highly recommended by one of my own clients. I’d heard many company’s struggle with offshoring, and I was drawn to Staff Domain’s methodology and openness about the factors to offshore outsourcing success”

Xavier Miller, NextGen HR

Xavier Miller, Founder and Principal
NextGen HR

Full Desk Recruiters

Does your business need a dedicated recruiter? Or maybe your agency needs more support to close job orders? Offshore full desk recruiters offer an all-in-one solution for finding brilliant talent, faster. Highly qualified, experience and capable – they can manage the entire recruitment process from start to finish.

Business Development Specialist

If you’re serious about growing your business – you need a business development specialists. These professionals are experts at finding the right decision makers and nurturing relationships. They will engage leads, promote your goods and/or services, and ultimately guide, educate and inform your prospects through the sales process.

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