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If you’re serious about growing your business, it’s time to hire a Business Development Specialist (BDS) to level-up your sales processes and support your team.

Business growth is not a linear or quick process. It requires in-depth market research, consistent outreach, ongoing liaison, and high-quality service. And that’s all before the sales function officially comes in.

Business development specialists are experts at finding the right decision makers and nurturing relationships. Their functions include attracting and acquiring new business prospects, qualifying leads, warming up prospects, handling questions and overcoming objections.

Staff Domain can help you find, nurture, and retain high performing Business Development Specialists in the Philippines and South Africa. Your offshore staff will be based at our world class offices, but 100% on your team as passionate advocates for your business.

The ultimate support for your sales team.

A Business Development Specialist can help you find the right decision-makers and nurture relationships. In turn, freeing up your sales team to focus on prospects ready to buy into your business.

It is a common mistake to assume that sales is the same as business development. Rather they are completely different functions, that work hand in hand. A BDS will support the sales function of a business. Their role is to engage leads, promoter goods and/or services, and ultimately guide, educate and inform prospects towards the sales process. Sales can then focus their efforts on negotiating and closing deals to bring in revenue.

Improve client experiences.

What sets high performing businesses apart? The ability to offer excellent client experiences. Delivering on this is critical to the growth of your business – but often time-consuming. Hiring a BDS could be the key to unlocking your business’ potential.

Your BDS will be the first point of contact for your prospects. As the face of your company, they ensure will your brand leaves a good impression on your leads. Ongoing, they will build rapport with potential customers, drumming up interest and growing relationships. And ultimately, they will provide a quality experience that helps guide clients to buying in to your business.

Get the Time Zone Advantage

For businesses with global reach, offshore businesses development specialists can help you overcome the time zone barrier. Connecting with leads from different time zones won’t be a problem! With offices in the Philippines and South Africa, we can help you hire staff that work the similar or different hours to your local team depending on your needs.

Find qualified, English-proficient, personable candidates.

Offshore locations like South Africa and the Philippines offer a broad pool of highly qualified talent. You can find brilliant Business Development Specialists with years of experience working in different international markets and industries.

Add to this, the fact that these nations are known for having excellent communication and people skills. South Africa is ranked #12 out of 112 countries on the global English Proficiency Index, and the Philippines isn’t far behind ranking at #18. Both countries have also had high levels of western influence throughout history, setting them up for great cultural compatibility.

This makes candidates from these locations a great fit for customer facing roles like Business Development. Together with our continuous support and high-tech facility, a Business Development Specialist could bring exceptional value to your business growth.

Appointment Setters

Appointment setters can help small and medium businesses like yours find more leads, and close more deals. Staff Domain understand that making a great first impression is everything. Your sales appointment setting staff will make the crucial first contact with prospective clients to introduce your products and services. This way, your sales team can focus on the proposal development and closing stages of the sales process.

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