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Visual communication plays an important function in digital and traditional marketing. Among outsourced industries, offshore graphic design services teams are in high demand for their skills and experience.  A graphic design professional in Australia typically earns AUD$52,521 per year, and that’s just for the entry-level positions. You can hire a graphic design services professional in the Philippines for just 40% of that. These staff are qualified and have high-value skills in Illustration, Photography, 3D Design, Multimedia Arts, and Animation that your business can benefit from.

Staff Domain finds the right creative talent for you and matches it to your company’s needs and requirements. Your offshore graphic artist will be working for you alone, giving them the opportunity to fully understand the nature of your business and what messages you want to convey.

Your graphic designer will work out of our headquarters at Ortigas Centre, Pasig City – for a full 8-hour day. Your employee will be given a business grade computer with dual monitors, as well as the software, apps, and other tools required to complete all tasks. Of course they also have the freedom to use applications that you may be subscribed to. Leverage online communication tools that lets you give feedback on designs and artwork in real time. 


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Offshore graphic design services can be offered at the same time your business is in operation. The time difference is only two hours for Australia, and Filipinos are more than happy to come to work earlier to match your business hours. This means your offshore staff can work alongside you or your marketing team – resulting in zero delay and no lag time in communications and project delivery. 

Your offshore staff will be bright, creative, proactive with an excellent command of English. Staff Domain will find you professionals that can also clearly articulate ideas. You and your team can expect to see creative reverse briefs and storyboards.  

Ease your company’s workflow and scale projects effectively by relying upon offshore Graphic Design services. Have your marketing strategists or event managers locally and their team of digital marketers, graphic designers or content developers offshore getting through the to-do lists!

Logistics Support Representatives (LSR)

If you have plans to grow and expand your company, a well-managed team of offshore logistics customer service representatives is worthy of sincere consideration. A team of experienced representatives will help you scale, keep pace with customer demands and outperform your competitors – without making a big dent in your payroll.


Digital Marketers

Digital marketing continues to grow at lightning speed, as marketing agencies, or marketing departments rush to grab the best talent. Whilst marketing agencies have an eagle eye that can spot the right skillset required a mile away, small to medium businesses that are yet to develop a marketing team – or have a lean one – might struggle to identify the skills they need.

Customer Service Representatives (CSR)

The Philippines is still number 1 in offshore call center services. Companies seeking offshore customer support services from across borders look to the Philippines because of the high level of English language proficiency and common understanding of Western culture and idioms. Filipinos are also highly-regarded for their excellent work ethic and professionalism. 

Content Writers

Content creation is one of the most in-demand marketing services today thanks to the explosion of digital marketing. Whether you’re a marketing firm that is expanding, or a business that wants to develop content in house – access to experienced and highly-skilled content writers is essential. Staff Domain can help you find and retain the best outsourced content writers who can tell your story in the most effective and engaging way.  

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