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Deliver exceptional customer experiences with an offshore customer success manager

Provide a positive, personalised experience and ensure long term customer satisfaction 


A customer success manager is a great investment for any business that values building long-term customer relationships and boosting satisfaction. Happy and satisfied customers are more likely to become loyal, repeat customers. So, it’s critical to get the right talent in this position and the right talent can be anywhere in the world. Staff Domain will help you find friendly, capable customer success managers to guide and advise your clients from international markets like Philippines and South Africa.

International markets are home to well-educated populations offering a large pool of candidates experienced in customer success. Our team will work closely with you to find candidates with great communication skills, problem-solving experience, and empathy. All candidates are thoroughly vetted by our team through background checks, skills testing, and language testing to ensure you work with the top talent.

Staff Domain understands that a customer success manager is a key player in driving customer retention. While customer service representatives focus on dealing with customer enquiries and concerns, a customer success manager will focus on long-term relationship building. A customer success manager will work with your customers at every stage of their journey to ensure they are satisfied with the products or services being provided. This can involve helping new customers get started or providing regular on-going support, so the role, regardless of where it is conducted is pivotal to your business.

At Staff Domain we offer an end-to-end solution for businesses to ensure your success with offshore outsourcing. Simply pick your team and leave the rest to us. Staff will work from our world-class offices where they have access to leading technology, ergonomic workspaces, and fun recreational zones. We keep your staff motivated and loyal by offering social activities, great employee benefits, and training and development. And finally, our team will manage all compliance, payroll, and HR so you don’t have to. All our clients are also assigned to their own dedicated customer success manager for any questions or support.

Why an offshore customer success manager?

Service clients 24/7/365
Tap into the global talent pool
Save on business costs
Fill skill gaps

Provide round the clock service for your clients

Do you have international clients? Or do you offer critical services? Provide round the clock support for your customers with an offshore customer success manager. They work your regular hours or provide after-hours support thanks to differing time zones. And ensure your clients receive prompt, effective support anytime of day. Additionally, if you offer services that cannot afford downtime, having a 24/7 support team in place can help you maintain service levels and ensure customers are satisfied.

Access a global talent pool of professionals

Gain access to a vast talent pool of professionals by expanding your search to South Africa and the Philippines. These countries are home to highly skilled and experienced individuals who will become valued members of your customer success team. People from these countries are highly regarded for their hospitable, respectful, and personable natures. Ideal traits for professionals working in the customer service arena.

Maximise your business costs

By hiring in South Africa or the Philippines, you’ll be able to access lower labour costs. In these nations, skilled professionals are available at a fraction of salary costs. You could save up to 60-70%! This cost-saving can be particularly beneficial to businesses trying to scale, that can’t justify the costs of hiring a full-time, customer success manager locally.

Fill skill gaps in your team

Every team player has different strengths and weaknesses. Are you more technical than personable? Find a friendly, people-loving customer success manager to take on client facing responsibilities. With offshore outsourcing, you can access a wide pool of talent with diverse skills and experiences. This will enable you to build a well-rounded team that can meet your clients’ needs effectively.

Why Staff Domain?

We make business growth seamless.

Build your dream team with custom requirement.

Onboard staff effortlessly with our research-backed process.

Boost productivity by using our state-of-the-art facilities.

Drive staff tenure with fun social events and great benefits.

Manage staff stress free with 100% compliance, payroll, and HR support.

Rest easy with fixed, transparent pricing – and no hidden fees.