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Staff Domain Summer Camp OFF-GRID: A Fun and Meaningful Experience for Employees


The Staff Domain Summer Camp OFF-GRID event held in Cavinti Laguna, Philippines, was a blast! With the goal of bringing employees closer together and promoting camaraderie through physical activities and team competitions, the event was a great success.

It was held at Silent Sanctuary Campgrounds, a unique venue where all the staff are deaf and mute. Not only was this a great opportunity for our employees to connect with nature and engage in team-building activities, but all proceeds went to the Deaf Alliance Foundation Inc. for the education of deaf students.

72 Staff Domain employees attended, braving a typhoon that hit the area the day prior. Upon arrival, the participants were welcomed by the facilitator for registration and the distribution of company shirts and team bandanas.

Six teams were formed, each named after tribes in South Africa and the Philippines (our two locations). The competition was intense and exciting, with Team Boer emerging as the champion, followed by Team Gaddang and Team Zulu as first and second runners-up, respectively.

The event concluded with a bonfire where participants sent positive messages to each other, followed by a dinner called “Boodle Fight” where the team ate shoulder-to-shoulder on a long banana leaf-lined trestle table in true military practice. The night ended with food, drinks, and swimming in the natural spring pool.

This is just one of many events and experiences that Staff Domain arranges for its team to reward them for hard work and to foster a positive corporate culture. We are looking forward to more fun-filled activities that showcase our company’s values and initiatives.

Want to join our next event? Find your next role at Staff Domain in the Philippines or South Africa.

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