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IT companies need client-facing technical experts to handle various highly technical enquiries from customers.

When hardware or software issues are not resolved by the first two tiers of technical support, the help desks are escalated to a more senior tech support level 3 staff.

This level of support often means reaching out to local vendors like Cisco or Microsoft for problems which could not otherwise be solved.

You’ll need expert and seasoned tech personnel with more intimate familiarity with these systems. They also need to have superior communication and customer service skills to handle frustrated clients and customers.

Staff Domain can find the experts you need.

The Philippines has a huge talent pool to tap into

The Philippines is a preferred location for offshore IT help desks because of the large pool of talent in the country. It has already surpassed India as the call center capital of the world. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies are opening not just in the capital city, Manila, but in other urban centers around the country. There are currently over 1.5 million professionals working in BPOs and the numbers are expected to rise.

Industry experts predict that an additional 650,000 jobs for the Information Technology BPO sector will be created between 2018 and 2022.

Find and recruit the best offshore


Essential IT professionals at accessible rates

The most in demand IT services include help desk support, data center management, network and server administration and software development. 

Companies in Australia and New Zealand looking to assemble efficient IT teams with senior and high-level helpdesk support experience prefer to work with Filipinos. A senior technology professional in Australia earns AUD$60,000 to $70,000 annually. If you’re a medium-sized tech company, this is a sizeable piece of your operation’s cost. 

Offshoring helpdesk support services to the Philippines translates to labour cost savings of at least 60%. Filipino IT service desk outsourcing professionals earn roughly AUD$30,000 a year. A salary lower than the equivalent role in Australia or New Zealand. That said, IT professionals are highly paid in the Philippines and this salary grade against the lower cost of living in the Philippines makes for good income. 

Filipino IT professionals are the solution to the talent gap in Information and Communications Technology (ICT). By 2023, an estimated 100,000 ICT professionals will be needed in Australia to fill various roles. 

Offshoring tech support level 3 and up makes sense

Offshoring tech support level 3 and higher-level IT needs to Staff Domain opens up valuable opportunities for managed service providers. Businesses can find highly-trained, experienced, and expert technical support personnel without spending months looking for qualified talent.

The full suite of tech support services outsourced offshore can be performed within Australian/New Zealand business hours. This includes calls, live chat, email, video tutorials, message boards, chatbots, and more.

All the desk space, hardware, software, telecommunications, security and privacy you need – included. Hiring your tech support level 3 team through Staff Domain makes good business sense.

Tech Support Level 2

To truly perform in an IT Support Level 2 role, candidates require more experience and technical know-how than your first line of customer support staff. These professionals have two to five years of experience and are well-versed in various issues and problems related to computer hardware, software, or other applications.

In the 2018 report Digital Pulse by Deloitte Access Economics and the Australian Computer Society said the demand for ICT professionals will grow to 100,000 until the year 2023. This will only add to the talent gap challenges of Australian and New Zealand tech companies.

Tech Support Level 1

Regardless of the size of your IT business, if you’re offering products and services, you’ll need a reliable tech support team on the front line. IT Support Level 1 staff are there to cover the basic tech-related enquiries with customer service being equally important as technical know how.

Offshoring customer service and support helps IT companies like yours overcome the challenges of the talent gap, and the inhibitive costs of setting up a call centre.

Pre Sales Engineer

Managed Service Providers with a complex sales process or those without a sales team at all, typically need strong pre-sales engineers. These specialised professionals help clients and customers understand the system, equipment, or software they are purchasing. This role not only requires technical skills and expertise, but exceptional customer service.
Due to the desk bound nature of the job, the skillset being applicable in any nation and the IT skills shortage in Australia and New Zealand – Pre-sales engineer roles are a great fit for offshoring.

Appointment Setters

Appointment setters from the Philippines can help small and medium businesses like yours find more leads, and close more deals. Staff Domain understand that making a great first impression is everything. Your sales appointment setting staff will make the crucial first contact with prospective clients to introduce your products and services. Most sales people prefer to focus on the proposal development and closing stages of the sales process.

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