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Managed Service Providers with a complex sales process or those without a sales team at all, typically need strong pre-sales engineers. These specialised professionals help clients and customers understand the system, equipment, or software they are purchasing. This role not only requires technical skills and expertise, but exceptional customer service.

Due to the desk bound nature of the job, the skillset being applicable in any nation and the IT skills shortage in Australia and New Zealand – Pre-sales engineer roles are a great fit for offshoring.

Tap into a large talent pool of educated and skilled professionals

Each year, roughly 500,000 new graduates join the work force in the Philippines. This crop of intelligent, English speaking professionals come from various disciplines, giving foreign businesses a diverse pool of talent to tap. The Philippines is in the top 3 locations for Information Technology Business Process Outsourcing (IT BPO) graduates, after India and China, respectively. It is also the number 1 choice when it comes to call center outsourcing services by business owners worldwide.

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Your pre-sales engineer staff or team will not only be well-versed in your product, service, or system, they’ll be effective communicators. Filipinos offer some of the best pre-sales service and post sales support because of their positive attitude and sincere desire to help clients and customers.

A convenient way to set up an offshore team of pre-sales engineers

Staff Domain has a strategic alliance with a market leading IT&T company that take care of your entire physical set up. From the latest computers, lightning-fast internet speeds, advanced telephone systems, set up of your own CRM or ticketing systems or new ones if you’re setting up from scratch.

Your team will have all the necessary software and tools set up and ready to go from the day they’re hired. They’ll be fully equipped to run demonstrations, share a screen, or remotely access their machines from the Staff Domain headquarters.

We offer the convenience of setting up an “office” for your staff within our state-of-the art facility in Ortigas, Pasig. Our high tech training facility will allow you to run your training effectively and efficiently.

You also have the option of inducting and training your team, at home base.

Staff Domain will work closely with you to design a solution that works best for your specific needs, and ensure your pre sales consultant will be ready to hit the ground running on day 1.

Local Operations, Global Staff

Your pre-sales engineer will be able to work alongside you and your sales team every single day of the week. Your offshore staff can have working hours that mirror your own so as to have the benefit of a full working day with your locally based prospects.

This makes it easier to communicate with other team members and join meetings and briefings. Your staff will also be given Australian or New Zealand phone numbers or extensions so they can easily communicate with prospects during business hours, at local call rates.

Great staff at low cost and high retention

Every business wants the best people on their team. When there’s a skills shortage, and salaries are sky rocketing, it’s not always achievable at home. For an IT company, an interaction with a pre-sales engineer is one of the first ways a prospect will judge your business. Quality of technical knowledge, and customer service must be of the highest standard.

Pre sales engineers are one of the roles that offer incredible value in the Philippines. An experienced, highly skilled Filipino engineer can have a salary cost of AUD$30,000. In an exceptional facility, like Staff Domain’s, talented professionals can thrive and have all the best tools to do the best possible job.

Together with a progressive employer, and our high-tech facility, a Filipino pre sales engineer would thrive and bring exceptional value to you and your clients.

Tech Support Level 3

IT companies need client-facing technical experts to handle various highly technical enquiries from customers. When hardware or software issues are not resolved by the first two tiers of technical support, the help desks are escalated to a more senior tech support level 3 staff.

This level of support often means reaching out to local vendors like Cisco or Microsoft for problems which could not otherwise be solved. You’ll need expert and seasoned tech personnel with more intimate familiarity with these systems. They also need to have superior communication and customer service skills to handle frustrated clients and customers. 

Tech Support Level 2

To truly perform in an IT Support Level 2 role, candidates require more experience and technical know-how than your first line of customer support staff. These professionals have two to five years of experience and are well-versed in various issues and problems related to computer hardware, software, or other applications.

In the 2018 report Digital Pulse by Deloitte Access Economics and the Australian Computer Society said the demand for ICT professionals will grow to 100,000 until the year 2023. This will only add to the talent gap challenges of Australian and New Zealand tech companies.

Tech Support Level 1

Regardless of the size of your IT business, if you’re offering products and services, you’ll need a reliable tech support team on the front line. IT Support Level 1 staff are there to cover the basic tech-related enquiries with customer service being equally important as technical know how.

Offshoring customer service and support helps IT companies like yours overcome the challenges of the talent gap, and the inhibitive costs of setting up a call centre.

Appointment Setters

Appointment setters from the Philippines can help small and medium businesses like yours find more leads, and close more deals. Staff Domain understand that making a great first impression is everything. Your sales appointment setting staff will make the crucial first contact with prospective clients to introduce your products and services. Most sales people prefer to focus on the proposal development and closing stages of the sales process.

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