Staff Domain is pleased to announce that we are now operating in South Africa! This expansion is an exciting step for our company and clients – current and future.

South Africa is an ideal destination for offshoring success. Home to large, educated populations with fantastic English-speaking skills, great work ethic and cultural compatibility with Western nations – there could be no better fit for our business.

Here are just 3 things you can look forward to with the offshoring opportunity in South Africa:

1. Expanded Talent Pool

South Africa is home to large, educated populations. The people have fantastic English-speaking skills and are very culturally compatible with western markets. The country is ranked no.12 on the global English Proficiency Index and dedicates almost 20% of its expenditure towards education. If you’re looking to hire customer facing roles like sales development specialists or recruiters – the talent is exceptional.

2. The Time Zone Advantage

With now access to both talent in South Africa and the Philippines, your search can cross boundaries. You can ensure you get the right fit in the right time zone for your business, so you can provide round the clock support. Or, have an offshore team working hand in hand with your local staff. South Africa time zone is GMT+2. This means if you’re in the Asia Pacific, staff can work your night shift during their day, and you can offer 24/7 support. For the US or Europe, staff can work a day shift alongside you.

3. World-class talent – while saving on costs.

Finally, you can get highly qualified, experienced professionals – while saving on costs. The average salary is close to 300,000 RAND – that’s roughly 25k AUD or 18k USD. With significantly lower operational and salary costs, South Africa is a very cost-effective option for foreign entities looking to outsource. Staff Domain offer staff the same benefits as we currently do in the Philippines – top of the line tech, health insurance from day 1, ongoing training and development, a world-class workspace and more.

For more information on the South Africa Opportunity download our brochure on the Offshore Opportunity here.

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