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Free Resources

Offshore curious? Check out our free resources on everything you need to know to get started with offshore outsourcing and Staff Domain

10 Effective Approaches to Onboard Your New Team Starters
New team starters? Staff Domain understands the challenges of integrating global talents. Make them feel at ease with our easy tips for onboarding your new offshore members.
Your Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting KPIs
Creating effective key performance indicators (KPIs) drives business performance and growth. Set measurable goals aligned with your business objectives and make sure your offshore team excels with Staff Domain’s comprehensive guide to developing KPIs.
One-Team Culture for Your Onshore and Offshore Teams
Staff Domain has figured out how to make your onshore and offshore teams work seamlessly—a one-team culture! Unlock the full potential of your local and global workforce. Download our guide to explore actionable strategies for fostering a cohesive one-team culture.
Foolproof Approaches for Interviewing Offshore Candidates
Interviewing candidates from diverse cultures can be quite challenging. Fortunately, Staff Domain will help you master the art of offshore hiring. Learn practical strategies to conducting effective interviews and selecting the best global talent through our guide.
The smart place to grow
Discover how Staff Domain can grow your business and why we are the best partner for small and medium businesses. Learn about our facility, technology, security measures, onboarding process and more
The Benefits of Offshoring
Offshoring is a great way to address your talent or growth challenges, research says it and so do the success stories of our clients. Don’t just take it from us, take it straight from the source!
10 Critical Success Factors
We partnered with a university to study companies who outshore offshore successfully. The outcome was ten critical success factors that every business should know.
How to find the perfect BPO partner for your business
With the promise of highly qualified talent, 60-70% cost savings, and more room for business-critical work on the horizon – we’re sure you’re eager to get started with offshoring. However, critical to your offshoring success is finding the perfect Business Process Offshoring Partner. Learn how to find a partner that delivers the services you need with this step-by-step guide.
The Proven Path to Offshoring Success
Get an exclusive look into hundreds of firms successfully offshoring, thanks to this first of its kind independent research from Bond University. Discover how small and medium businesses are getting offshoring right and learn from the mistakes they share. Plus, uncover the ten critical factors for offshore outsourcing success.
Scale your Real Estate Agency with Offshore Staffing
The real estate industry is one of the most competitive and challenging industries to navigate. Stakes are high, the market is constantly evolving, and building relationships quickly is critical. Find out how offshoring functions like appointment setting and property management can help you build speed and efficiencies, so you have more time to dedicate to your business growth.
The Offshoring Opportunity for Small to Medium Businesses
When hiring staff locally, think about what you look for – excellent communication, the right skill set, years of experience? The Philippines and South Africa offer highly qualified talent with all this and more. Find out why these nations are the ultimate destinations for your offshoring success.
Find Brilliant Talent Faster With Your Own Offshore Recruitment Team
Today’s market for hiring excellent talent is highly competitive. Qualified local staff is limited, and those with the right skill set are being pursued by multiple businesses. Build speed and efficiencies, and find brilliant talent faster with your own offshore recruitment team. Whether you’re a business with demanding hiring needs or a recruitment agency looking to grow, this could be the best business decision you make.
How a Business Development Specialist Can Help You Grow
The pandemic has changed the way we conduct business. Deals are now negotiated remotely, prospects are sourced digitally, and growing your business can be more time-consuming and demanding than ever. Find out how a Business Development Specialist can help you find the right decision-makers and nurture relationships, freeing up your time to focus on prospects ready to buy into your business.
Grow Your eCommerce Business with Offshore Staffing
What sets high performing eCommerce businesses apart? The ability to offer excellent customer experiences. Delivering on this is critical to the future of your business – but often time-consuming and can require extensive resources. Find out how offshoring customer service and marketing roles can help you grow your business.
Staff Domain’s Commitment to Ethical Offshore Outsourcing
Discover the practices that set Staff Domain apart in the world of offshore staffing. Learn how we prioritize fair treatment, competitive salaries, and robust benefits.
How to Grow your Recruitment Firm with Offshore Outsourcing
The ultimate guide for recruiters looking to grow their team or firm. Packed with research backed insights and success stories from other recruiters, this guide is all you’ll need to learn about offshore outsourcing.