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Hire offshore web development specialists

Offshore web development to build and maintain functional, user-friendly, and visually appealing websites  


Websites play a critical role in attracting, engaging, and converting customers. Hire an offshore web development professional to expertly build and maintain your business’ website, or those of your client. A dedicated web developer is key to business growth. Particularly for marketing agencies, ecommerce business owners, or SMEs looking to boost their online presence. 

A skilled web developer can help you create a website that is functional, user-friendly, and SEO (search engine optimisation) oriented. They can help you integrate essential features like e-commerce functionality, contact forms, and social media. And ensure your website is responsive and mobile-friendly. They can also help with ongoing site maintenance to ensure your website is at peak performance. 

Staff Domain can help you find talented web developers to optimise your website for success. We will work closely with you to understand your requirements. As well as thoroughly source and qualify professionals with skills in specialised programming languages or a particular content management system.  

Get to work on your business or clients’ website, while we do the rest. Your staff will work out of our state-of-the-art facilities. Here, they will have access to leading technology to complete their work, and vibrant recreational spaces to have a little fun. We’re proud to drive strong staff tenure staff thanks to our unrivalled culture, competitive employee benefits and great renumeration packages. We will also cover all HR, compliance, and payroll processing, so you can work headache free.  

Why offshore web development?

Expand capacity
Diversity offerings
Boost efficiencies
Fill skill gaps

Expand workload capacity

Whether you’re a business owner doing it all, or a marketing agency spread thin, a web developer could be a great investment for your business. Offshore professionals are great for taking on process-driven tasks like web development. They can methodically develop a website from scratch or improve on your existing website. This allows you to focus on other aspects of your business where your skills may be put to better use.

Expand your agency’s service offerings

With offshore outsourcing, marketing agencies can significantly expand their service offerings and provide a more comprehensive range of solutions. Offshore web developers can work closely with your design and content teams on the development process. Expect visually engaging, high-quality websites that function smoothly and are optimised for search engines.

Boost efficiencies with a 24/7 work cycle

Hire offshore web developers to help your agency streamline its workflows and boost efficiencies. You can find developers that work your regular hours or cover after hours thanks to the different time zones of South Africa and the Philippines. This mean that your agency or business can take advantage of a 24/7 work cycle, enabling your team to get more done in less time.

Access specialised skill sets at a fraction of local costs

Web development is a technical field requiring specialised skills such as coding, hosting, and domain management. Find offshore web developers with experience using programming languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and Content Management System’s such as WordPress or Shopify to manage your website.

What tasks can I outsource to system administration staff?


  • Build custom websites or applications with the technical expertise of a web developer on your team. This includes creating a website layout, developing website functionality, and ensuring that your website is optimized for search engines.

E-commerce development

  • A web developer can help you build a secure, scalable e-commerce platform. They can set up payment gateways, shopping carts, product catalogs and more. 


  • A web developer can provide ongoing maintenance to keep your website up-to-date and ensure its always functioning properly. This includes fixing bugs, making updates to content, and optimising the user experience. 

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Optimise your website’s HTML code, site speed optimisation and schema markup and help it boost its rankings.  

Sourcing Candidates:

  • Leave it to a talent sourcer to handle the initial sourcing and screening of candidates via zxxx.

Candidate Engagement:

  • Talent Sourcers can reach out to potential candidates to gauge their interest in the job and answer any initial questions they may have.

Applicant Tracking:

  • A talent sourcer can manage the applicant tracking system, ensuring that all candidates are properly tracked and organize throughout the recruitment process.

Employer Branding:

  • A talent sourcer can help build and promote your employer brand by creating engaging job descriptions and crafting messaging that resonates with top talent.

Why Staff Domain?

We make business growth seamless.

Build your dream team with custom requirement.

Onboard staff effortlessly with our research-backed process.

Boost productivity by using our state-of-the-art facilities.

Drive staff tenure with fun social events and great benefits.

Manage staff stress free with 100% compliance, payroll, and HR support.

Rest easy with fixed, transparent pricing – and no hidden fees.