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Staff Engagement Reflection June 2024 - Sweet Swagger

June Street Swagger

The streets of Staff Domain SA Office were ablaze with swagger and style on Thursday 27 June 2024, as the team gathered for a “cool” engagement that was nothing short of epic. From the crack of noon to the moonlit night, our office was transformed into a haven of urban cool.

The day shift staff rolled in, flaunting their finest threads in line with the theme. Baggy threads, bling that gleamed, and snapback hats cocked just right—each member of the team had their street game on point. Gangster flair was the order of the day, with chains swinging, shades hiding mischief, and bandanas adding that extra edge. It was a sight to behold, and the competition for the best-dressed prize was fierce. Congratulations to Nono Sikhondze for winning best dressed for the day shift!

But the street vibes didn’t stop at the dress code. Oh no, we took it to the next level. Sausage Saloon and The Fish & Chips Company served up a feast fit for a mob boss’s banquet. Whether you were craving the sizzle of sausage or the crunch of golden-fried fish, there was something to tantalize every taste bud.

And let’s not forget the entertainment. Karaoke battles rocked the office, with team members stepping up to the mic to flex their lyrical prowess. From crooning classics to dropping beats, there was no shortage of talent on display. Laughter echoed off the walls as colleagues cheered each other on, bonding over a shared love for music and merriment. Kudos to Iftaar Patel for winning the karaoke competition for the day shift!

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As the day shift bid farewell and the night shift took the reins, the energy only intensified. Under the glow of office lights, the party raged on. Street queens and mob bosses alike mingled. It was a night of friendship and connection, where titles were left at the door, and everyone was simply part of the crew. Flavia Fernandes wowed us all and won best dressed for the night shift, while Pumla Mbonani dazzled as the karaoke competition winner for the night shift.

It wasn’t just about the costumes or the cuisine—it was about coming together as a team, letting loose, and embracing the spirit of street swagger in all its glory.

So here’s to our Street Swagger Staff Engagement, a day filled with dope beats, mad fun, and memories that will last a lifetime.

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