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Staff Domain South Africa Engagement Event: A Wonderland / Cartoon Palooza

Staff Domain SA Staff Engagement Event A Wonderland Cartoon Palooza Header

On Thursday 25 April 2024, Staff Domain SA was transformed into a whimsical wonderland as we hosted our April Staff Engagement Event.

With a theme inspired by the enchanting world of “Alice in Wonderland” and the vibrant energy of a “Cartoon Palooza,” the day was filled with excitement, laughter, and companionship.

This marked our fourth event of the year, and we wanted to infuse it with a sense of adventure and imagination. The choice of the “Alice in Wonderland” theme allowed us to transport our staff into a realm of magic and fantasy, where anything is possible.


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The office was adorned with a larger-than-life Mad Hatter’s hat, a playful flamingo, colorful draping’s, and towering playing cards. A giant clock served as a reminder that time was of the essence, while teacups added a touch of whimsy to the atmosphere.

Highlighting the day were the Best Dressed competition winners, Wessel Pretorius as Sheriff Woody Pride and Tshegofatso Fortunate as Princess Cinderella, complete with her stunning silver glass slippers. Their creativity and attention to detail truly brought the characters to life. 

The excitement continued with a hilarious game of “Guess the Disney Movie Charades.” Durie Kaffoor and Nokukhanya Princess Phakathi emerged victorious, showcasing their knowledge of famous Disney movies and their theme songs, much to the delight of their colleagues.

Characters from beloved Disney classics roamed the office, from Minnie Mouses to Aladdin, Cruella De Vil to Superman and Wednesday creating a spectacle of color and cheer. Our staff embraced the opportunity to dress up and embody their favorite characters, adding to the festive atmosphere.

To fuel our adventurers, lunch options included a delectable spread from Chicken Licken and Pedro’s, featuring hot wings, loaded wraps, salads, buns, rice, pap and chakalaka, and refreshing beverages. It was a feast fit for royalty, enjoyed by all.

Staff Domain SA Staff Engagement Event A Wonderland Cartoon Palooza Icon

From our work-from-home team to our everyday office and hybrid working employees, everyone came together as a family once again. Laughter echoed through the office as bonds were strengthened and memories were made. As we bid farewell to our Wonderland adventure, we carry with us the joy and camaraderie that define the spirit of Staff Domain SA.

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