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What are the working conditions like at Staff Domain?


Offshoring once had a reputation for cheap salaries and poor work conditions. So, it’s no wonder many people want to know what the working conditions are like before they outsource offshore.

In fact, showing an interest in this helps to impress upon the industry just how important high workplace standards are, and will help to eradicate the businesses that tout such cheap salaries and poor conditions.

Staff Domain is proud to have built world class offices and cultivated workplace standards that reflect the corporate workplace you’d expect in Australia or the US. This was important to us ethically – but also commercially, as we know that the best people want to work for the best companies.

Here’s how we’ve approached the workplace and work conditions in all our offices.

World-class offices

We have world-class head offices for staff in Johannesburg, South Africa, and Manilla, Philippines. Our facility in Manila was even designed and developed by the development company behind Google’s offices in Manila! We also have a satellite office in Alabang, Philippines for staff living in the South, to help them combat long commute times.

We believe the best talent want the best work environment. The unfortunate reality is that there are unethical providers out there. They take advantage of staff and expect them to work in crowded offices and equip them with trestle tables posing as “office desks.” This is far from ethical, let alone adequate.

At Staff Domain, every one of our offices have spacious workstations with large desks, double monitors, and ergonomic chairs. Conference rooms are available for use when staff need to collaborate, or if they have an important meeting. And we’ve invested into creating relaxation and recreational areas in our office – because everyone needs a chance to unwind or have fun. This includes gaming areas, well stocked kitchens and big screen TVs for those sports matches or news they don’t want to miss.

Top of the line tech

Our technology is on the cutting edge. We only equip our employees with top-tier equipment from reputable and leading brands like DELL, Datto, Apple, NEC, and Samsung. Our employees utilize all-in-one, space-saving desktop computers equipped with large dual monitors for optimum productivity.

Fair Compensation

A fair wage is a given. We believe staff deserve to be appreciated and equally rewarded for being great at what they do. At Staff Domain we’ve conducted market research, looked at local market employment standards, and consulted with lawyers to ensure we operate ethically. We continue to work with local HR experts in South Africa and the Philippines to ensure we meet, and in many cases exceed the standards in the professional services space. We are proud to generally pay significantly higher rates than any other company would for the same role in that local market. Clients are also welcomed to further reward their staff as they see fit.

Employee Benefits

We offer a range of benefits to attract top talent, and keep employees happy, healthy, and loyal. Whereas the standard practice in Manilla for example, is to provide healthcare for staff after a period of employment, we do things differently. Our pay packages include health insurance for staff from day one – for them PLUS for a loved one. We run regular social events, team building trips and wellbeing workshops. And most importantly, we are committed to the continuous growth and development of staff. We offer paid and inhouse training, bonus incentives and more.

Don’t pick an offshore provider without understanding the conditions.

One of the greatest differentiators between offshoring providers is working conditions. You don’t want a partner that treats your offshore staff any differently to how you would treat your local staff. Understanding what providers offer is key to offshoring ethically, and ensuring you have access to the best talent.

For any offshoring provider you consider, be sure to get the answers to the following:

1. How big are your employee workspaces?
2. Ask for a photo of the workstations
3. What computer hardware will my employee receive?
4. What recreational spaces do you have?
5. How are the employees paid?
6. What healthcare do you offer?

For more on the questions you need to ask, and the answers your need to look out for –

A little curious?

Schedule a consultation, and we’ll answer any questions. Plus, how we could help you build teams in South Africa and the Philippines that work only for you from our world class offices.

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