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Staff Domain’s twist on Halloween

It may be Halloween to you, but it’s Undas in the Philippines. Depending on where you are in the world, Halloween has different meanings and customs. To Filipinos, Undas is a time to remember, and honour departed loved ones and runs from 31 October to 2 November. So important is this time, many public offices or private organisations make 31 October a Public Holiday.

Steeped in tradition, Undas often involves the lighting of candles outside of homes to help the deceased find their way back. Or a gravesite visit with family, bringing food and memories in order to create a harmonious balance of solemness and festivity.

While deeply personal, just like other places in the world, Halloween has also become a time to have fun – particularly with friends and family.

In offshore outsourcing, employees are working remotely from the companies they work for day to day. One of the benefits of offshoring with Staff Domain is the seriousness in which we take culture and employee engagement. Which in turn, means happier staff and longer tenure for our clients.

Halloween presented Staff Domain with an opportunity to blend the fun of Halloween and the family gathering of Undas. And so, Staff Domain hosted a family fun day inviting the team’s family – from grandparents to children to an exciting Halloween event. There was a huge appetite for it with a jaw dropping turnout of 393 people from across all Staff Domain offices in the Philippines including Ortigas, Pampanga and Alabang plus those who work from home.

From penguins to sea lions, a morning at Ocean Park

The event kicked off in the morning with a tour through Manila’s top tier marine attraction, Ocean Park. Located on the waterfront of Luneta, it’s the spot to go to for incredible marine-life attractions and has something for absolutely everyone to enjoy.

Our attendees walked through the phenomenal Oceanarium tunnel, home to more than 14,000 sea creatures experiencing a full immersion into the fascinating marine life on display.

One particular animal captured the attention (and hearts) of the kids and adults alike. It was the fluffy, feathery, and furry Humboldt penguins. Guests eagerly lined up, fish in hand, to feed and interact with the loveable, little penguins.

The tour finished off with some more feathered friends; macaws, cockatoos and eagles in an All-Star bird show. Performing high flying thrills and amazing stunts, the team were captivated by the colours and the opportunity to be up close with these incredible birds.

Finally, on display the roaring Sea Lion show. Vincent’s adorable appearance and big belly amazed the team with his agility both in and out of the water. Who knew that such huge animals could move so quickly!

Next up: Lunch at the Puerta Real Gardens

Known for its lush gardens and 18th century architecture, The Puerta Real Gardens in Intramuros is a popular event location.

Staff Domain turned it into a Halloween wonderland, packed with food carts serving cotton candy, snow cones, ice cream and fries with communal tables set under a marquee. There were outdoor games like Jenga and Connect 4 and a massive inflatable playground which surprisingly – wasn’t enjoyed just by the children!

Winning at creativity and culture

Perhaps the star of the show – was the Halloween dress up show. The young ones and the young at heart went all out in the costume department with shimmering little mermaids to terrifying vampires on display. The best dressed included Hayley, in an enchanting ensemble featuring a seaweed skirt covered in glistening seashells and underwater creatures. Honey, a customer service representative, won the best dressed for adults with her incredibly lifelike elf ears.

Winners took home prizes including portable speakers, stuffed toys and bubble makers.

The real winner was the Staff Domain culture, with events like this creating moments of bonding, celebration and joy for the team as a whole.

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