There has been a massive boom in technology related companies over the past few decades with a major shift towards automated and computer-controlled operations. The exponential growth of technology has given rise to an all-different workflow with even fewer people needed to do basic tasks. However, this also means that there is an increase in the demand for skilled workers that can handle more complex situations since the learning curve for newer technology is quite high.


Automation, the Internet, and Support

Computers, robots, and other technological advancements we take for granted are what makes the world go round. With these tools, society is able to mass produce goods, ship them halfway around the globe, and keep track of every single item ever made. This also means that the people needed to operate, maintain, and fix these complicated tools have a much higher burden of responsibility. For this purpose, companies will have to hire an expert that can do these things when needed as they are necessary to keep the workflow functioning. They can do this with internal or external resources.

The first option is Internal Support. This is done by directly hiring the required specialists. Bigger operations will need more engineers and support people as they specialize in different things regarding the production. Their biggest advantage is that they can personally attend to the matter at hand. However, you will have to handle all of the hiring procedure, pay a bit more for their salary, and train them from scratch whenever a new one is employed.

On the other hand, the company can get external technical support from a service provider, usually a third party company located in a different location. Since most of the technology can be automated and done remotely, they will rarely have problems fixing and maintaining the tools you use despite not being in the same location. They are actually more convenient for the company since they won’t have to worry about hiring people and they are sure that there will always be someone ready to attend to their needs.




Off-shoring Support

Staff Domain is a company that offers bespoke client solutions to small and medium businesses and allow them to offshore a portion of their operations.  Staff Domain has offices in Australia, Hong Kong And its primary production facility   is based in the Philippines which is recognised globally as one of the best places to locate offshore talent. The country has a booming industry for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for multiple reasons: the citizens are proficient in English at a conversational level; they are highly skilled, highly educated, tech-savvy, professionals; and their rates are significantly lower than their local counterparts.

Staff Domain specializes  in sourcing  and recruitment of high level talent for all kinds of business requirements  to help your scale . We work with our clients to identify the exact role they need filled and the education & skill level required and each staff member specifically hired to suit each clients specific requirements. This means you’ll be getting exactly the kind of help and support you need. Because each staff member are hired specifically for each client they integrate  seamlessly into your operations so much so it feels like you’ve hired an in-house IT Tech support team.

Expect your offshore team to deliver top quality work consistently, at the same time be flexible  to adjust to your company’s evolving needs.

Find out more about outsourcing IT Tech Support to the Philippines. Get in touch with Staff Domain today! 

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