Technology has moved data to the cloud and made it easier to collaborate with staff on other continents. Low labour costs and access to a huge talent pool adds to offshoring’s strong appeal to progressive small to medium accounting firms. But is offshoring all roses?

At Accountech Live Melbourne 2019, Staff Domain will be part of a panel that will shed light on the obstacles to offshoring; how to overcome them; and why technology is the key to a successful offshoring experience.

Join Assistant Professor of Accounting at Bond University, Tim Hasso; Founder of Staff Domain, Ben Rajah and ICT Specialist, Nick Vasilidis for valuable insights into offshoring from three unique perspectives.

Their insights come from a place of deep experience and in the case of Tim, extensive research. Tim recently completed a study on the offshoring of auditing in Australia, a project that was funded by CPA Australia. This body of work is a must read and shares the experiences and views of those firms, large and small, who have taken some or all of their auditing function offshore.

The 30 minute session will be held at Accountech Melbourne, November 12 at 2.15pm. Registration for the whole two day accountech expo is free – sign up here now so you don’t miss out.

Those who attend the offshoring panel session will learn about:

  • The insights gained from research into accounting firms who offshore.
  • The obstacles to managing staff in multiple locations.
  • What you need to have in place to truly benefit from offshoring.
  • The benefits of offshoring to small and medium accounting firms.

Still not convinced?

Read about our expert panelists below. It’s a session not to be missed – we look forward to seeing you there.

Tim HassoAssistant Professor of Accounting, Bond University.

Tim conducts research on accounting with a focus on corporate governance and the effect of globalisation and technology on the accounting profession. Most recently, he completed a study on the offshoring of audit work in Australia, a project that was funded by CPA Australia. He is currently extending this work by considering how small and medium-sized accounting firms are using offshoring as part of their business model. His professional experience is in entrepreneurship and finance, having founded and managed tech startups and advised venture capital firms on valuation-related matters. Prior to his appointment at Bond University, he held academic positions at Leuphana University of Lüneburg (Germany), University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg), and Queensland University of Technology.

Ben Rajah, Founder & Director, Staff Domain

A qualified management accountant with 30 years of experience, Ben has worked for leading Australian brands inhouse as well as in his own practice. His offshoring experience extends back to 2000 when he managed the offshoring of his employer’s production from Australia to China. Today, he helps small to medium businesses realise the full business potential of offshoring, and closely guides them through the process of building a high performance team in the Philippines.


Nick Vasilidis, ICT Specialist

Nick is an ICT leader with over 17 years of experience in the field. He has worked with clients large and small to establish IT & telecommunication systems that enable productivity and scale. With today’s cloud technology, he has helped many organisations set up to benefit from remote workers, global offices and offshoring set ups. Data and IP security are areas that he is extensively qualified in and passionate about. His insight and experience covers more than just the technical, but also the cultural and communication considerations required to ensure the acceptance and proper use of all technology.


Accountech Melbourne, November 12 at 2.15pm.
Registration for the whole two day Accountech Expo is free – sign up here now so you don’t miss out.

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