By the 20th century, the prevailing business management model was established around flexibility and swiftness of manufacturing and delivery. This methodology was taken one step further in the late 20th century when the drive became to not only innovate, but do so quickly and cost effectively, in many cases the ideal resolution was to be the first to market to gain market share. To achieve this, a widely accepted practice in most developed countries is to migrate manufacturing and services offshore. Many countries have been doing this for decades including Australia.  While this migration was done offshore a positive side effect became evident. Companies could focus on their core business including research, development, marketing, of products and services as well as other direct client-facing roles. Nowadays, outsourcing & offshoring is no longer viewed as a temporary solution, rather a part of a solid business strategy. It supports businesses from any industry because it augments the support staff without adding manpower. Offshoring cuts  resource requirements, enhances core capabilities, increases productivity, inhibits risks, and paves the way for more robust & scalable business growth.



The Business Process

There are two vital business processes: business operational processes, and business support processes. The business operational processes covers activities such as production, logistics, manufacturing, distribution, research and market approach. On the other hand, business support processes cover other critical & non-critical supporting facets of business like finance, clerical work, human resources, maintenance, internal & external support, and more. Both process streams are highly critical to a successful businesses. With respect to business processes, business owners have the option to:

  1. Perform all business tasks. This covers all business steps from manufacturing to marketing without outsourcing, which can be both costly and time consuming.
  2. Cover partial segments of business. Here, the company initially covers some steps of the business and later on outsources/offshores the non-core business processes. In this case, the business views outsourcing as a necessary, viable, and long-term business strategy for scalability.


What Do You Gain by Outsourcing / Offshoring IT Tech Support?

  • Businesses consider outsourcing work offshore to take full advantage of higher output. Having offshore teams handling support or various stages of support or customer service will multiply the number of clients or accounts you can handle exponentially.
  • You also have the advantage of having a support team working for you 24/7. The time & scheduling differences means you can handle calls in after hours with ease. Some companies redirect all help desk inquiries and calls to their offshore teams at the close of business hours or in peak times. This means there is someone who will take care of your clients at all hours of the day or night.
  • Another little-known advantage of outsourcing is access to a talent pool of highly-skilled and trained professionals. Your team doesn’t need to be made up of interns or fresh graduates to keep your costs down. You can have access to already seasoned professionals with college degrees and years of experience working for some of the top companies in the world. By choosing the right offshoring partner your IT Tech Support team leaders will also stay up to date with latest software updates and industry developments.
  • When you outsource your IT Tech Support services or requirements, another thing to consider is your bottom line. By engaging with the right offshore partner you can save on average of 60% of your domestic costs which can be a substantial amount for many companies with limited resources.
  • You can choose which level of Tech Support you want to outsource. You can have the offshore team handle the primary levels which require initial engagement and assessment of the problem, and have your local teams solve the more complex issues.

The IT industry has benefitted greatly from offshoring. As more tech companies emerge and people lead more technology-driven lives, the need for support staff for those customers increases exponentially.   The next time you find yourself in need of Technical support staff why not consider leveraging your access to a global workforce through Staff Domain and let us help you scale in leaps and bounds.

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