This is Joe, IT and Facilities Manager at Staff Domain

You can be on top of your game and still have room to grow. This is the mindset of SD’s IT and Facilities Manager, Jonnel Dela Paz, who still finds something new to learn about his job every day.

Joining us back in September 2019, Joe holds one of the most important roles in SD—he’s responsible for the company’s IT infrastructure. What started out as a childhood fascination turned into a career that he loves, that he still learns from even at the top of his game, and that continues to challenge him every day.  


What should we call you?



Name three things you can be identified with that is not your job. 

  1. Manga/Anime – OnePiece One Punch Man etc.
  2. Family
  3. Freemason


Name three things you cannot work without. 

  1. Pen and Paper – I would like to take down notes and tick things I have completed. Something I can see and touch to see progress.
  2. Coffee – Fuel. Need I say more? I bleed coffeeeeeeeee!
  3. Smiley ball – When I want to think and talk to someone to help me process things.


What course did you take in school and when/where did you graduate?

Instrumentation and Control Engineering Technology, Rizal Technological University. A bit off with what I do now. That involves machine language, machine instruments, measuring and precision. Maybe that is why I am a bit OC.


Has being the IT & Facilities Manager always been what you wanted to do?

I watched an episode of Dexter’s Lab when I was a kid; where he fought with Johnny the Janitor who had a funny voice.  I kept on mimicking his introduction to Dexter, and I just realized of course that, that is not something I wanted to be, so I replaced it with Johnny the Computer Engineer, over and over. Here I am now. Law of attraction huh.


Could you briefly describe to us your typical workday?

Work, work, and more work. Check emails, answer queries, process requests and fix trouble tickets. That is when I am in the office. When I get home, I help with the family business.


What do you enjoy most about being an IT & Facilities Manager?

The whole thing. I love what I do. It just gets so busy sometimes that a 40-hour work week is not enough. But hey, I get to do what I love to do. You learn new stuff.


And what about it do you feel you would do better without?

Nothing really, I love it the way it is.


What is the one piece of advice that you think every aspiring IT & Facilities Manager should know?

They should know their stuff. That they should never cut corners when it comes to IT. This is to make sure that things work the way it should.


When did you join Staff Domain?

Sometime 2019.


What are your favourite experiences with the company so far?

The challenges, I feel like I am experiencing a whole new level of IT. There are new things that I learn and new processes for things. The easier but much more efficient way.


What are the things you look forward to working in SD?

More people and challenges.


If you were stranded on an island, who among your teammates would you want with you? Why?

Ian Duran. You always need a good laugh.


Tell us a famous quote that you try to live by. 

As above so below.


Thanks, Joe!

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