This is Ian, Business Development Specialist at Staff Domain

There’s more to sales and business development than profit. As one of SD’s top BDSs, Ian Albert Duran, attests, the greater fulfillment is helping clients and candidates find exactly what they need.

Joining us back in March of 2019, Ian has been a key contributor in SD for well over a year and a half now but has been breathing the business development life for longer. He even did some business management overseas, and came back home to take on the opportunity of helping clients with their business growth and candidates with their professional growth.


What should we call you?

Ian is fine.


What three things would we immediately know about you apart from your job?

I’m a family guy, a foodie, and can be rather talkative.


Name three things you can’t work without.

Teammates, direction, and impact.


What course did you take in school?

UA&P Entrepreneurial Management


Has being a Business Development Specialist always been what you wanted to do?

No, but I really adapted into the role of sales because I love to talk and help people. The nature of our business is that we can help people on both sides where the clients’ find sustainable growth and productivity while the candidates find a career and livelihood!


Could you briefly describe to us your typical workday?

Get in and hit the coffee room, have an enthusiastic meeting with the team. Pound the calls, nourish leads and develop relationships. Mingle with the teams during lunch and get some laughs in. Close the day strong and recap with inspiration for a brighter next day!


What do you enjoy most about being a BDS?

I love being able to talk and create relationships with prospects and clients alike. I like how the nature of my responsibilities allows me to dictate a pace that is sustainable for me.

And I love how I can challenge myself, knowing that each battle is its own individual struggle and success, which there are plenty of both making my day always one to talk about!

But the most rewarding part is on-boarding the role I help bring to life; meeting whose situation in life has been uplifted makes all the work worth grinding for.


And what about it do you feel you’d do better without?

Hmmm the premature, disgruntled prospects (laughs).

But honestly, I believe that you must mix the bad with the good. Cause you really can’t appreciate either side without having experienced the other.


Working for over a year in Staff Domain now, what has been your favorite experience so far?

The obvious everyday growth! Our team outings, routine week lunches, and morning rush that combines story-sharing and productivity.


And what are the things you look forward to as a member of SD?

Sounds cliché, but the environment. When you come to think of it, you spend as much as time at your office, with your co-workers than almost any other place or people and you can approach that was strictly a job. Or a choice to become inviting towards your team and grow and succeed together.


If you were stranded on an island, who among your teammates would you want with you?

Why? How many do I get to pick? (Laughs)

I must include JP, my director, who is very resourceful and will help us survive and who I can adventure out with.

Miss A, our admin specialist who we can vent to and share stories with, and then our digital marketing manager, Mike Robles who I can laugh and explore with.


Tell us a famous quote that you try to live by.

I’m not sure its famous but I share it a lot; “I could do better, but I’m not complaining.” We should strive and dedicate to being the best version of ourselves and that should not come with spite or frustration. Always remember that you can always improve but there is also, always worst things.

Another quote I like is “the sum of the whole is greater than its parts.” Being part of something big, something life changing like helping our clients and our staff growth their ambitions and expectations, ultimately uplifting their lives and that of their loved ones makes heart-warming and rewarding. To be part of one’s success story is an ethereal narrative.


And, if there is one piece of advice that you think every aspiring business development specialist should have, what would it be?

That our role, as daunting as it may seem, should be approached with hope and enthusiasm; imagine, we could be doing something far harder and worst!


Thanks, Ian!


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