Staff Domain Philippines is a proud recipient of a 2023 bronze Stevie Award in the Corporate Innovation Excellence Category – for excellence in innovation in business product and service industries.

The Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards are the only business awards program to recognise innovation in the workplace in all 29 nations of the Asia-Pacific region. The Stevie Awards are widely considered to be the world’s premier business awards, conferring recognition for achievement in programs such as The International Business Awards® for 21 years.

More than 800 nominations from organisations across the Asia-Pacific region were considered this year in categories such as Award for Excellence in Innovation in Products & Services, Award for Innovative Management, and Award for Innovation in Corporate Websites, among many others.

An old industry with outdated, negative practices.

For small business owners in developed countries like Australia and America, ‘offshore outsourcing’ conjures up images of sweat shops, low costs and dodgy call centres.

It’s common to see news stories about large companies with sub-standard offshore offices and poorly trained, underpaid staff. This is where the strongly held negative perception of offshore outsourcing comes from and from the outset, we were determined to shatter this through our own actions and business decisions. 18 months ago, we made it our core mission.

After companywide surveys and focus groups, we developed a single mission: To fuel the growth and prosperity of our people, clients and communities. The whole business rallied around this, and it became the lense through which we operate.

Here are just some examples of this in action over the last 18 months.

Research backed onboarding methodology to drive client success
Staff Domain had commissioned world-first research into the critical success factors of offshore outsourcing in small business. The results highlighted all the past errors and successes of those who’ve offshored, as well as the perceptions of those who wouldn’t dare.

We used this data to create the industry’s first research backed onboarding methodology to significantly increase the chances of offshore outsourcing success for first timers. This methodology, based on the experiences of business owners, helped rewire what clients thought they knew about working with offshore teams.

With renewed purpose and research backed processes delivering happy staff and happy customers – the team grew significantly in 24 months and STAFF DOMAIN expanded into South Africa.

Employee driven office locations
As the business grew, and the world changed post COVID, so too grew the number of ways people wanted to work.
Employees wanted to keep working from home (WFH) to avoid long commutes. Clients wanted people back in the office to ensure productivity.

We found a way to satisfy both again with the help of our team. A company-wide survey asked where people lived, and whether they’d work from an office closer to home. Through this, we identified 3 locations and subsequently opened 3 satellite offices.

For those who prefer WFH, Staff Domain needed to make clients feel comfortable with productivity. We introduced a compliance system and supporting manager, whose job is to monitor the productivity of WFH employees. With this in place, WFH placements alone soared and meant we could continue to hire top talent.

With wins from a HR and customer perspective, it was time to commit to the growth and prosperity of local communities too.

We strive to support the communities we operate in
Staff Domain operates in developing countries where many are in poverty. We believe to break the cycle of poverty, under privileged children need an education.

Today, we sponsor 30 students at River Spring school in Pasig City Manila and provide full tuition, uniforms, breakfast and lunch. We also provide whole-of-school sponsorship providing tech support, computers, monitors and more.

Over the last 18 months, Staff Domain has had exceptional achievements in research, corporate social responsibility, HR and customer service. However, it is how we integrate and support the company’s new focus on mission and values they we are most proud of – and that takes an entire team to achieve. It is what has, and will continue to set us apart as a progressive offshore outsourcing organisation where our people, clients and communities will thrive.

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