Ready for a huge statistic? According to 2022 research from Brandon Hall Group, great employee onboarding can improve new hire retention by 82% and productivity by 70%.

Think of that in the context of the current labour market in Australia or the US – where talent scarcity and high turnover are the biggest challenges for organisaitons.

Just because you have access to a bigger talent pool when you outsource offshore, it doesn’t mean retention is a given. Onboarding your new offshore team member is absolutely critical to their success and longevity in the role.

Staff Domain has a role to play in this, but clients also need to consider their part in making their new team member feel welcome and enabled to do their work.

Meet Digital Marketing Specialist, Kagiso Malotane

Known to his Australian teammates as KG, Kagiso hails from Johannesburg, South Africa and joined Staff Domain to work with leading integrated Marketing Agency Chasing Albert.

His first day was August 1, and he has quickly become a trusted, valuable member of the team. According to Managing Director, Marie El Daghl:

“KG looked great on paper, but is exceptional in reality. His skill aside, we’re thrilled that he’s such a great fit for our team. High energy, funny, proactive – we love all that he brings to the company. He hit the ground running and has been kicking goals ever since”.

KG’s onboarding experience

Ultimately, the most important opinion on the topic of onboarding comes from someone who has gone through it themselves.

Tell us about your first day working with your client?

Chasing Albert was supportive and well prepared for my start. They provided direction and worked closely with me to discover my expertise and areas of growth. I got introduced to a true bunch of marketers – the entire team – on the first day. Within the first week, I had met with each of them individually. I felt completely at home with professionals that are driven and motivated to provide exceptional marketing services to their clients – just as I am.

How have you been welcomed into Staff Domain?

I went through Staff Domain Domain’s own induction process, with a proper run down on how Staff Domain operates and the support they provide for their staff. They left no stone unturned – so I felt comfortable understanding what was expected, and what I could expect in return.

I was also welcomed by a supportive IT team, who had ensured I was setup correctly and made themselves available to help whenever I needed it. All my software and marketing tools were set up ready to go.

I also received a very warm welcome with a lovely gift and I was encouraged by the team.

How were you welcomed into Chasing Albert?

I arrived to a lovely gift and card – which was a really nice surprise. I then had a long, video call with the team where we got to know each other. And I was provided with an agenda of exactly how my first week would go.

What was your experience with meeting and getting familiar with the client’s team?

The experience was exciting. The client and team were really prepared to onboard me as part of their new member of the team this really motivated me to burn the tires, light the fires, and start getting to work.

What was the single most important thing they did, in your view, to help you settle in?

I was provided with clear direction and objectives, I did not need to wonder what to do and how to do it, all the platforms and systems were there the direction was clear making it easy for me to understand how I fit into the team.

What sorts of tools do you use with the client to communicate and collaborate?

We do most of our communication via Microsoft Teams – we’re heavy users of video calls. We collaborate using Microsoft Planner. And obviously, we collaborate using other various marketing tools.

What training did you receive from the client when you started?

Staff Domain provided systems and processes training. Chasing Albert mainly focused on 1:1 coaching as it related to individual clients so I could get to know their business and start to develop custom digital marketing strategies for each one.

What helped you get comfortable with the client and your new team?

Frequent constructive meetings were held, guidance and support was regularly provided. The open communication and dialogue make it easy for me to be able to do my job.

How important is Staff Domain in your day-to-day work life?

Staff Domain provides the facilities needed for me to execute my job, the support when needed for technical issues, and an environment that encourages me to do the best I can.

What’s most important to you in a job?

Being challenged and getting the support I need.

What are your expectations around company culture – when working with a business offshore?

Flexibility, support, and a fun and healthy company culture.

What tips would you give a new client who’s hiring through Staff Domain to help their fresh staff members feel welcome and included?

To work together with Staff Domain and find out what the person being employed needs to excel in their position; bring them up to speed with processes and systems very quickly and obviously get them a welcome gift! 🙂

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