On-demand shared transport technology provider Liftango sought out offshore outsourcing to help them provide round-the-clock, timely and efficient technical support. Staff Domain helped improve their support capabilities and more.

Established in 2016, Liftango is a technology provider that connects people with on-demand transport services—from corporate to public transport to carpooling and demand response transport services. Liftango uses filtered and advanced demand responsive technology that enables communities and organisations to leverage the power of transport. They offer a unique data-driven technology platform and user interface designed to serve localised transport solutions.


The search to expand customer service capabilities

Liftango was looking to expand their technical support function to facilitate round-the-clock service. They wanted to provide timely and efficient support to help customers make the best use of their services. We talked to Liftango’s Tech Support Lead, Michael Stone, about their offshore outsourcing journey.

“Before I started, the organisation was providing great support through many members of various teams, but it was challenging with the growth occurring. Even before I had my feet under a desk I was looking at options and ran with the idea of moving to business process outsourcing. Using my network and doing some research, an intensive review across a few companies was done. It was a great learning experience with truly supportive and engaging staff at each BPO offering so many benefits.” Stone shared.

Stone also shares that although the competition was close, what made Liftango choose Staff Domain was “good understanding of the requirements, flexibility, knowledge of the market, and a commitment to delivering what we needed.” Because their team didn’t have much experience in the technical aspects of offshore outsourcing, the decision to partner with SD was something that “almost came down to a gut feeling.”


Improving customer service with Staff Domain

Liftango soon reaped the benefits of an offshore partnership with SD. According to Stone, working with SD has given them greater flexibility and strategic decision-making, as well as vastly improved support capabilities. Working with SD has allowed them to build a strong platform for a high-performing support team.

Stone and Liftango are happier than ever with SD’s dedication to delivering results.

“I’m so happy with my talented team being supported, not just our organisation, but also SD.  There is clear communication and simple processes to follow which means the support team gets to enjoy and concentrate on supporting Liftango’s growing customer base. ” Stone said.

And when asked if he’d recommend us to other firms? “Yeah, absolutely.”

Case Study: How Liftango Improved Customer Support with Offshoring

On-demand shared transport technology provider Liftango sought out offshore outsourcing to help them provide round-the-clock, timely and efficient technical support.


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