The reluctance of many to return to the office is not just an issue faced in first world countries.

In BPO firms across the Philippines, the desire to work from home skyrocketed after COVID lockdowns as many clung onto the luxury of working from home. You could hardly blame someone for wanting to work from home and get such enormous time back that can be put towards family, friends or personal downtime. Travel to and from major cities for many in the Philippines can take over 3 hours each way.

Staff Domain was one of the first hybrid BPO companies in the Philippines as the BPO industry grappled with how to attract and retain talent that no longer wanted to work from a City office. In doing so, Staff Domain was able to meet the demand for its outsourcing solutions from small and medium businesses all around the world.

Our fast thinking and innovative approach to building hybrid solutions for existing and future staff set Staff Domain apart from other outsourcing companies in the Philippines and contributed to a recent award win – A 2023 Bronze Stevie Award for Excellence in Innovation in business product and service industries.

Hybrid options a must.

Not many can claim to be a true hybrid BPO company in the Philippines. Staff Domain offers hybrid arrangements, full time work from home, and has since opened satellite offices across The Philippines to cater to those that want to work from an office – but one that’s closer to home.

Work from home and compliance

The reality is, working from home in a developing nation is hard. There are infrastructure issues relating to power and internet up times. There are workspace issues with some not having the physical environment to safely and comfortably work. There are productivity issues that come from sharing an office with the multiple generations in the one dwelling.

The Staff Domain approach means over 100 people can safely and comfortably work from home and clients can therefore get talent they otherwise may have missed.

Here’s how it works.

Not everyone can work from home
At the recruitment stage, Staff Domain conducts an infrastructure investigation including internet speed tests. In the majority of cases, there are no issues however, if there are, the candidates are told WFH is not an option. They can, however, choose to continue with the recruitment process if they agree to work from the office.

A safe, productive work at home space
Every single Staff Domain employee – regardless of their workplace – has the same high standard of tech set up and equipment to drive productivity and comfort at work. This includes 24-inch dual monitors, an ergonomic and designated workspace and a spacious desk. Safety and security are a top priority with impenetrable systems established and tested prior to work commencing.

Ensuring compliance
Staff Domain appoints a compliance officer to monitor all work from home staff. They measure productivity, as well as provide full time support to WFH staff to help them overcome any barriers.

Any staff that are met with constant issues – be it IT or productivity based – will need to reconsider their workspace and nominate an office from which to work.

Clients get weekly reports on productivity – however the greatest measure is always deliverables and outcomes.

New Satellite offices

There are candidates who still want to work from an office – but one that is closer to home. This is understandable once you wrap your head around the fact that there are more than 100 million Filipinos that live across the 7,641 islands of the Philippines.

Since July 2022, Staff Domain has conducted significant research to determine the location of new satellite offices that can serve large pools of candidates that want to work from an office close to home.

The result is three new offices. Alabang, Cebu and Pampanga – as well as the significant expansion of the head office in Ortigas, Manila.

These locations now serve hundreds of the team with more room to cater to hundreds more as the demand for employment opportunities at Staff Domain grow.

Hybrid helps everyone

Hybrid working solutions means Staff Domain, on behalf of its client, can attract and retain the best talent. By ensuring we have complaint, well-structured work solutions, clients can expect to get top talent who are demonstrably productive and fully supported to continue to be.

If you’re searching for innovative hybrid BPO companies in the Philippines, look no further. Contact us today to discuss your needs and discover how we can help you.

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