The pandemic has changed the way we conduct business, with deals negotiated remotely and prospects sourced digitally. There is someone that can help you navigate this new business landscape: a Business Development Specialist (BDS). They specialize in finding the right decision-makers and nurturing relationships, freeing up your time to focus on prospects that are ready to buy into your business.

Business Development vs. Sales: What’s the difference?

People who specialize in Business Development are often mistaken as Salespeople — but Business Development and Sales are two entirely different business functions. Business Development is focused on activities designed to attract and acquire new business prospects. Sales, on the other hand, is focused on closing sales. A BDS isn’t typically involved in the sales process – their goal is to qualify leads, drive interest in products and services, and nurture prospects until they’re ready to be handed over to Sales to negotiate and close a deal.

Why do you need a BDS?

A BDS can fulfill a multitude of tasks depending on the needs of your business. Three key benefits include:

Professional Representation. Your BDS will be the first point of contact for your prospects. As the face of your company, they ensure your brand leaves a good impression on your leads.

Rapport Building. A BDS specializes in building and nurturing relationships with potential customers. They drum up interest in your goods and services, and grow relationships with future prospects until they are ready to buy-in.

Lead Qualification. Your BDS can filter out leads so you can pay attention to businesses that are ready to negotiate a deal. This frees you and your existing salespeople to focus on closing more sales without adding more staff before you need to.

What should you look for in an offshore BDS?

An offshore BDS will give you expertise in sourcing highly qualified talent, expand your reach into a global talent pool, and lower your overall costs. However, to maximize the benefits of an offshore BDS, you have to make sure you’re partnering with the right provider. Your BDS should be able to:

  • Run thorough background checks and connect you with decision-makers based on your specific criteria.
  • Source advocates for your business—people who are passionate about what they do, and who will put the best interests of your business first.
  • Reach out across different channels and maximize different platforms for information gathering and lead generation.
  • Represent you as subject matter expert, or at least have the capability to learn your business so they can become a subject matter expert in no time


How a Business Development Specialist Can Help Your Business Grow

Get the full lowdown on how a BDS can help grow your business and how can maximize their capabilities by downloading this free guide today.


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