Staff Domain is taking a proactive, responsive and attentive approach in response to the worldwide COVID-19 contagion.

We remain 100% operational and steadfast toward our commitment to provide you with the services your business needs. The health and safety of our staff is of course paramount, and our entire workforce is working from home. Our productivity remains intact and all client information and data continues to be 100% secure.

Staff Domain has taken the following measures with existing and all new staff moving forward: 

  • To ensure superb productivity levels and high-quality output delivery, our employees have been issued with new desktop computers for use. These have been delivered and set up at each employee’s residence following a Human Resources-initiated survey to pinpoint which employees need a computer at home.
  • We make it a point to only utilise industry-leading licensed patches and software that helped our employees keep their productivity at peak levels. Impeccable Internet connections have also been established for each employee, regardless of location. This allows us to eliminate downtime and maintain smooth business operations to service our clients across the board.
  • Telephony systems like 3CX have also been put in place for employees whose roles require constant access to hard phones and clients who prefer to communicate with their remote staff via telephone.
  • Since the entire workforce has been subjected to a WFH setup, face-to-face meetings and huddles have been avoided in the meantime. Instead, we have bolstered online interactions through various communication and conferencing platforms. This also enables our clients to reach their staff and relay instructions in real-time.
  • In terms of data security and client information confidentiality, we have set up all systems to guarantee secure remote connectivity of the employees to their office-based workstations at our headquarters.


What we ask of you

  • We highly encourage you to leverage technology for collaboration and connectivity in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • Should you require our assistance or need to discuss matters with us, do not hesitate to contact us so we will be able to tackle your enquiry right away.

We call on you for your support and understanding, as we continue to roll out our COVID-19 Business Measures. Together, we can overcome any challenges and ensure you get the staff support you need.

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