Continuing its focus on supporting small to medium businesses, SD is the go-to for the complete A-Z of offshore accounting at Australia’s largest annual business event

Postponed earlier in the year at the on-set of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Accounting Business Expo 2020 has since been rescheduled to take place next month on November 16 to 17.

Touted as Australia’s largest annual business event, ABE will now be held as a virtual event where attendees can now jump into Q&A’s with speakers, interact with sponsors and exhibitors, and network with fellow attendees from the comfort of their own homes or workplaces.

Among the exhibitors for next month’s event is Staff Domain, and the organisation is looking forward to connecting with attendees and tackle their offshore accounting questions and/or needs.

The A to Z of Offshore Accounting

Presenting an ‘A to Z on offshore accounting’, Staff Domain covers all aspects of the business solution, be it the perceived risks, the critical success factors, and even how to integrate personnel who are not only at offshore locations but also of different cultures.

The company will be offering a wide variety of exclusive downloadable content at the Staff Domain virtual booth in ABE and are also scheduled to make presentations during the two-day affair. Scheduled to be in attendance from Staff Domain are the company’s Managing Director, Justin Pavsic, and Chief Financial Officer, Ben Rajah.

Justin Pavsic is an experienced business leader with years of experience at the helm of various small and medium businesses in e-commerce, importing, and real estate. Having run successful, privately owned companies—while also living in countries like the United States of America, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Australia, Europe and the Philippines—he has a deep understanding and experience of building and scaling a business.

“My commitment to the SME sector no doubt comes from my many years of running my own businesses all over the world” ‘JP’ shares. “The impact of poor talent – or lack of the right talent – on a business is stifling. Watching clients enjoy the freedom and excitement that comes with great staff, and reduced costs, never gets old.”

Ben Rajah, on the other hand, is a successful business owner and qualified management accountant with 30 years of experience. He has helped small to medium businesses grow for over two decades and counting. As Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of Staff Domain, Ben provides clients with exceptional perspective when it comes to growing through offshoring and is a constant source of inspiration and ideas for those who work with him.

“Watching a small business grow and find solutions to its talent shortages is hugely rewarding. My role in the process is to calculate and measure where offshore accounting will have the greatest impact on a client’s business; and to ensure the transition into offshoring is seamless and successful.”

Going Virtual

The on-going Covid-19 pandemic continues to force businesses to adapt, and now has become as good a time as any for the finance and accounting industry to come together and learn how to not only survive, but thrive, even amidst times of uncertainty.

At the Staff Domain virtual, participants in ABE can find all that they need to know for establishing their offshore accountings teams not just now but in the post-pandemic future, including learning from the first-hand experiences of accounting firms who have successfully done offshore accounting in the Philippines and other locations—and how having their set-ups actually even helped them best weather the onset of the pandemic.

To visit the Staff Domain booth and connect with accounting professionals all around the world, register to attend the Accounting Business Expo 2020, today!

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16-17 November 2020

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An Australian Business Process Offshoring (BPO) organisation focused on supporting small to medium businesses, Staff Domain, Inc. is committed to helping its partners overseas achieve cost savings and rapid growth through end-to-end offshore recruitment and operational management.

Based in Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines, Staff Domain outsource teams feature the best talent who take pride in the work and the professional choices they make. The company’s State of the Art Facility exceeds the expectations of working professionals and ensures productivity- a space where smart professionals and businesses can grow together.

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