Globalization has affected many industries all over the world. Companies are torn between hiring local employees or offshoring staff to accomplish projects. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Companies and business owners should learn to decide on the hiring factor based on their needs. Will this be a long term or a short term employment?

Multi-national companies and small businesses have cost-cutting solutions that they prioritize on top of all other considerations. Thus, here are some of the common pros and con of recruiting talents for home and for offshore jobs.

Local Hiring

Having talented employees for face-to-face meetings, discussion and conversation can allow for more engagement between employees working on the same project. It can create new energy which can lead to bigger ideas and propel progress. A good compensation package is very attractive for employees. With in-house hires, confidential property remains confidential and employers can have a non-compete contract so employees will not take ideas when they leave.

In-house employees can focus attention on a problem so they can provide technical solutions to resolve them faster. However, other tasks may be put on hold based on schedules and prior commitments.

The disadvantages of local hiring include the difficulty in recruiting quality talents especially for smaller cities. A small talent pool or a shortage of qualified fresh graduates is a major disadvantage. Employees expect perks and benefits aside from a good salary package. The recruitment process for local hiring may take time, effort and money.



Offshore Hiring

Offshore hiring means a company will be recruiting talents from different locations and countries, with the recruits working in office spaces in their own country. Offshore staff are expected to be experts in their field of discipline. Employers can more easily find qualified and experienced web designers, content writers and data entry professionals with a potentially wider pool of talent. With offshore hiring, finding a talent requires less time and effort because there are agencies like Staff Domain that allows employers to reach out to potential candidates faster. Outsourcing and offshore hires are ideal for short term needs, but many offshore recruits have been hired for the long-term with companies who hired them. Pay rate for offshore recruits vary widely depending on the location, skill set and level of expertise.

Some disadvantages of hiring offshore is that confidential content may need to be shared and exposed. Employers need to be distinguish fake profiles and CVs by reading and reviewing client feedback forms and ratings.

When hiring offshore, employers need to be aware that communication gaps are likely to happen. The offshore staff are in different time zone and schedules than their employers. Cultural differences may also hinder proper understanding between the employer and the offshore staff.

These are just the few basic details on the advantages and disadvantages of recruiting employees for local and offshore projects. The three vital factors in hiring are the cost, the flexibility and the expertise of the talent. It can be challenging to find the best talents for the company, but these pros and cons may be able to help out more businesses make an informed decision.



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