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Why Outsourced Marketing Writers Are Awesome

Why Outsourced Marketing Writers Are Awesome

Everyone has been hearing about content’s royalty status – and for good reason! The content that businesses put out represent their knowledge, acumen, experience, and values. It is a core component of a company’s brand.

It is even more important in the internet age when one considers search engine optimisation. Now that search engines have become adept in understanding context, they prioritise content that provide real value to the users.

This is why many businesses outsource content writers. Being able to consistently publish high-quality, value-adding content brings these businesses one step further than their competitors, while also ensuring their brand messaging is front and centre.

Who Needs Outsourced Marketing Writers?

Virtually every business can benefit from outsourced content writing services. From startups trying to carve out a space in the market to established corporations aiming to maintain their competitive edge, marketing writers help articulate a company’s message in a way that resonates with its target audience.

Industries such as technology, healthcare, education, and e-commerce particularly benefit from specialised content writers who can navigate complex topics and engage a diverse range of customers.

What Are the Pros of Having Writers on Staff?

Having content writers as part of your team offers substantial advantages that can elevate a company’s marketing strategies and execution. Here’s a deeper look into these benefits, accompanied by practical use cases that illustrate their impact:

Consistency and Quality

Content writers on staff ensure that all content is consistent with the brand’s voice and maintains a high standard of quality.

Example Use Case:

A lifestyle brand that releases weekly blog posts, monthly newsletters, and regular social media content can benefit greatly from having its own outsourced content writing team. This team ensures that all content not only adheres to the brand’s established voice, but also maintains a high standard of quality across all platforms.

For instance, whether a customer reads a blog post about new wellness trends or receives an email about a product launch, the message feels familiar and trustworthy, reinforcing brand loyalty.

Brand Expertise

Content writers integrated into the company develop a deep understanding of the brand, its products, and its audience, leading to more effective communications.

Example Use Case:

Consider a small startup tech company focusing in cybersecurity solutions. Writers who have a deep understanding of the brand—gained through daily interactions and immersion in company culture—can more effectively communicate complex products to a non-technical audience.

By translating technical jargon into accessible language, these outsourced content writers, specialised in helping small businesses in tech, guide potential customers understand the benefits of the products without overwhelming them with industry terminology.

Strategic Alignment

Outsourced content writers can align their content directly with the company’s strategic goals, such as lead generation, SEO, and customer retention.

Example Use Case:

In a real estate company aiming to generate leads through content marketing, content writers play a pivotal role in aligning content with strategic goals.

For example, if the strategic goal is to attract first-time home buyers, writers can create targeted content that addresses common concerns and questions of this audience, such as “Steps to Buying Your First Home” or “How to Finance Your First Home Purchase.”

This content not only educates potential clients but also helps in SEO by incorporating keywords relevant to first-time home buyers, thereby drawing more traffic to the company’s website.

These in-house writers also have the flexibility to quickly pivot their content strategies in response to market changes or company initiatives. For example, during a market downturn, the real estate company’s writers can focus on content that educates about the benefits of investing in real estate as a long-term strategy, providing value in a time when potential buyers might be hesitant.

Having content marketing writers on the team provides a business with the ability to produce consistently high-quality and strategically aligned content that resonates deeply with its audience, thereby enhancing overall marketing effectiveness and supporting business objectives.

What to Look for in a Content Writer?

A good content writer is much more than a skilled wordsmith. Key qualities include:

  • Adaptability: They must adjust their tone and style according to the brand’s voice and the preferences of the target audience.
  • Research Skills: Effective marketing writers perform thorough research to write with authority on various subjects.
  • SEO Knowledge: A nuanced understanding of SEO best practices is crucial to driving traffic and engaging readers.
  • Creativity and Innovation: They should be able to generate fresh, engaging content ideas that capture the audience’s interest.
  • Feedback Reception: Since content can become subjective, it is important that content writers be more open to feedback to help calibrate their work.

What’s the Easiest Way to Outsource Content Writers?

Outsourced marketing writers not only bring expertise and efficiency to your content creation efforts, but also offer flexibility and scalability that can be crucial for businesses looking to grow.

Many businesses look to the Philippines when outsourcing content writers because of the country’s largely English-speaking population. Aside from this, Filipinos are also known for their adaptable culture and world-class work ethic.

The easiest way to outsource content writers in the Philippines is to work with a partner who understands the local talent market and how to find the most qualified people. Talk to one of our specialists today to learn more.

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