Steps on How to Migrate to Offshoring Accounting Tasks

Offshoring is not a trivial task. This is an option which requires a thorough study and careful consideration. If successful, it can also be a long-term or permanent solution to the manpower problem. Ultimately, the company has to see that there should be advantages...

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Tax Accounting in Australia

Tax accounting refers to the accounting methods focused on taxes instead of focusing on the preparation of public financial statements. Tax accounting follows the country’s tax body, which dictates the specific rules that individuals and companies must follow when...

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Difference in Taxation between SME and Large Companies

Unlike some countries where they have a progressive, Australia has a single tax rate for corporate income. This simplifies tax collection for most part. However, the country does provide some breaks for small companies. Unlike personal income tax, there is no tax-free...

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Comparing Recruiting Talent for Home and Offshore Jobs

Globalization has affected many industries all over the world. Companies are torn between hiring local employees or offshoring staff to accomplish projects. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Companies and business owners should learn to decide on the hiring...

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The Hidden Costs and Benefits of Offshoring Tech Support

The corporate world’s view of technology has radically changed in the last few years. The advent of the Digital Revolution, an era that began in the 80s and is ongoing, has changed the landscape of the corporate world forever. Computer technology is now at the...

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The Many Benefits of Outsourcing Tech-Support

There has been a massive boom in technology related companies over the past few decades with a major shift towards automated and computer-controlled operations. The exponential growth of technology has given rise to an all-different workflow with even fewer people...

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Technology is key to offshoring success

If you are looking for a way to grow your accounting business, it’s likely you’ve heard of offshoring. Research tells us it’s also very likely you dismissed the idea based on incorrect assumptions. This event is for you – a learning opportunity not to be missed.


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